Best Cache Plugins For WordPress To Boost Speed

WordPress is a CMS (Content Management System) that is being used in most websites available online. That’s why we will focus on WordPress in this article. Today I am to explain a little about caching. I will also list some of the best cache plugins for WordPress. We will explore their features and other necessary information. Most of these plugins are free and open source. So you can install one based on your selection. So let’s begin and check out these plugins one by one.

Page loading time is an important ranking factor. Google rewards fast loading websites by directing more visitors. Along with that, it is also important to provide the best user experience. Which is another very critical thing? That’s why every blog or website admin tries to optimize their website speed. Browsing or page cache is an important factor in page speed. And by adding certain cache plugins we can improve the page loading speed.


How Does Cache Plugins Work


Whenever someone visits a website, WordPress has to go through the database to collect that piece of information. And then produce the results based on that information. But it take some time to load the website. So that’s where these cache plugins came into play. Which create static file of all of the website pages. And whenever someone requests a page WordPress presents that static page. Instead of loading all the files and resources once again. In that way these cache plugins boost website load time.

 Advantages of Cache Plugins

  • The most visible advantage os using a cache plugin is improved page load time. Website speed improves a lot.
  • It can boost SEO in a way that your website speed is improved. Which increases the usability of your website.
  • Another advantage of using cache plugins is that they clean up the coding of your website.
  • It can also boost the performance of the website.
  • Because your website will load fast so it will also improve its rankings.


Best Cache Plugins For WordPress

So let’s take a look at some of the best cache plugins for WordPress.

1 – Wp Rocket

WP Rocket


WP Rocket is the most popular and powerful cache plugin. It is a premium plugin that you can purchase to use on your WordPress website. You will get many advanced features which you don’t get in a free one. Its results are quite amazing to boost WordPress website performance. Alongside that, it is also quite easy to integrate and setup. That’s why it is a beginner’s friendly plugin


  • Browser cache that makes your website super fast. Also, have the feature of mobile caching. Which also optimize your website for speed on mobile and tablet devices.
  • It has the cache preloading feature which can improve your website indexing speed in search results.
  • Minify HTML, CSS and JavaScript files to load websites much faster. It also compresses the files to reduce the number of requests.
  • Lazy load images feature to improve website overall speed and performance.
  • Premium support to fix a bug or issue that you cannot resolve at your own.

2 –  WP Fastest Cache

WP Fastest Cache


The next spot is for the WP Fastest Cache. Although it is a free plugin, it holds many cool features. This plugin has more than 1+ million active installations. This plugin used Mod_Rewrite functionality. Which is considered the fastest method. It also has a premium version but the free one works the best for most sites.



  • It also has the mobile caching feature which you can enable or disable according to your needs.
  • Uses the Mod_Rewrite method which considered the best for the cache.
  • Gzip compression to speed up your website load time.
  • Combine CSS and JavaScript files to reduce number of requests.
  • Minify HTML, CSS and Javascript to clean up the coding.



 3 – Autoptimize



Autoptmize plugin is gaining much popularity these days. That’s why it gets the third spot on our list. It has a 4.6 overall star rating and over 1+ million installations. This plugin is all in one plugin that provides many cool features alongside caching.



  • Minify HTML which can load your website fast.
  • Quite easy to configure and setup on WordPress website.
  • Combine CSS files to minimize the amount of the request and help your site to load faster.
  • It provides very good support to fix the issues.
  • Put all CSS in the head section to boost website performance.
  • Optimize images to load faster.




4 –  WP Super Cache

WP Super Cache


It is also a very popular cache plugin for WordPress.It is perhaps one of the oldest in the industry. Which has over 2+ millions active installations. That indicates the popularity of this plugin. It is also a consideration to boost your website speed and performance.



  • Preload function which can easily be enabled or disabled.
  • Serves static pages to 99% visitors of your website.
  • Presents cache files in multiple ways like expert, simple and WP cache.
  • It supports mobile and CDN.
  • Compress pages to optimize their loading time.


5 – LiteSpeed Cache


LiteSpeed cache is the next plugin in our list. It is also a good choice to serve cache version of your website. It has a 5 star overall rating with 700,000 + active installations. This plugins offers free CDN Cache. This plugin also provides object caching feature. So you can also use this to boost your website performance.


  • Lossless and lossy image compression.
  • Minify HTML, JavaScript and CSS to reduce server response time.
  • Combine CSS/JavaScript files to improve load time.
  • Allow database cleaning and optimization.
  • Easy to use and configure.


You can improve your website load time by using one of these plugins. Or you might consider another plugin. Because all the plugins provide the basic functionality of caching. So it doesn’t matter much for most of the users. But these best cache plugins for WordPress performs better than others. So it is purely your choice which plugins you choose.

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