Best Free SEO Plugin For WordPress – Yoast Vs Rank Math

If you have a blog or website on WordPress then you may know the importance of a good SEO plugin. In this article we are going to compare two best free SEO plugin for WordPress to find the right one. Yoast is one of the oldest and popular SEO plugin from the last few decades. But there is another relatively newer SEO plugin is Rank Math. Which is getting much popularity these days. . So here is this article we are going to compare both these plugins to find the best one. So if you’re interested to know more about both these plugins and their features, then stay on this page.


Best Free SEO Plugin For WordPress

Although both these plugins have more or less quite similar features, but still every plugin has its own unique features. And we will definitely want to exploit them. Finally we will compare the features of both the plugins to reach to a conclusive decision. But bare in mind one thing that both the the plugins are very good at optimization. So you should have a free will to go with your favorite plugin. So let’s more ahead briefly describe both these WordPress SEO plugins one by one.


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Yoast SEO Plugin




Yoast is one of the most popular WordPress SEO plugins. That is in the market from the year 2008. Itt has many great features that makes it a definite choice. Yoast SEO plugin can help to improve a website’s SEO. It is available in both free and premium versions. Although the premium version has some extra added features, but the free version is more than good to go. Let’s check some of the features of Yoast SEO plugin.




SEO Analyzer

Yoast has a pre-built SEO analyzer feature to check the optimization level of a WordPress website. It enables you to find the bugs and error that needs to be fixed for better SEO.


Link Counter

Yoast also has the link counter tool that measures the number of links included in a single blog post or page. It also has a link suggestion tool that indicates similar content that you can include in a post for interlinking purposes.


Bulk Editor

Yoast SEO plugin has a bulk editor tool. That allows you to customize the title and meta description tags simultaneously. Without editing them one by one , you can edit all at the same time on a single page. Which is a nice feature to have.


Rank Math SEO Plugin


rank math

rank math

Rank Math is relatively a newer plugin. But it is getting huge popularity these days. And the reason behind is one it is an open-source plugin and second it has some very powerful features. Which are even not available in many premium SEO plugins. Some of its features are mentioned below. But you can explore many more by visiting the official website of Rank Math plugin. Anyhow, let’s check out some of core features of Rank Math SEO plugin.




SEO Checker

Like Yoast it also has SEO analyzer tool to measure the optimization level of a website. This tool is quite useful to identify the errors and content that needs improvement.


XML Sitemap Generator

Like most top SEO plugins, Rank Math also has XML sitemap tool to generate XMl sitemaps to submit in Google or other webmaster tools.



Rank Math offers a redirection tool to redirect 404 pages. You can easily redirect any web page using this tool with ease. Which isn’t available in the Yoast SEO free version. But the premium version do have this feature.


404 Monitor

Rank Math has another very cool feature of 4040 monitor. Which allows you to monitor 404 pages. And you don’t have to use any third-party tool to find broken links on your site. Whereas Yoast free and premium don’t have this feature.


Rich Snippets

Another cool feature of Rank Math plugin is the Rich Snippet tool. Which allows search engines to understand the content of different web pages more effectively.


Image Optimization

Another great feature of the Rank Math plugin is that it allows to add Alt and Title attribute to all the images simultaneously which don’t have these attributes. Which is great to optimize the images. If we see Yoast doesn’t have as such tool either in fre nor in premium version.


Live SEO Score

This plugin has a feature to display the SEO score of a particular article. Which is also available in Yoast SEO plugin. But the cool thing is that in Rank Math it display the SEO score from 0 to 100. The more your website content will be optimized, the SEO score will be greater.



These are only some of the features that I mention here. But you can surely explore all other features.




After analyzing both these most powerful SEO plugins, it can be said that both these plugins are very good. But in some cases it looks that Rank Math is more versatile and powerful than Yoast. For example, the 404 monitor tool is its unique feature which isn’t available in Yoast both free and paid version. Similarly, Another example that can be quoted here is that Rank Math supports redirects, Woocommerce and Rich snippets. Whereas these features are only available in Yoast premium version.

So it is quite conclusive that Rank Math looks like a better choice right now. And according to my personal recommendation Rank Math is the best free SEO plugin for WordPress. Which contains all the features that may be available in a pro plugin. So you can definitely trust it to get the best results from your SEO strategies.

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