Best Paying Micro Job Sites 2020 To Earn Money

Making money online isn’t very hard. But the real problem is to identify the right platform where you can earn real money. For that purpose, I am sharing some of the best paying micro job sites. Where you can make money performing small tasks. All of these sites are free to join and you don’t have to pay anything out of your pocket. All you require to have a computer/smartphone and the internet. And you can easily generate some extra cash working from your home.

How These Sites Work

These sites work as an intermediary between the job publishers and the workers. The content producers pay a small fee to get their work done. And out of these, some proportion is paid to workers to perform certain tasks. These tasks may vary depending upon their nature. But most of the times these are quite simple and easy to accomplish. And everybody who has some basic knowledge of operating the internet can accomplish.

How Much You Can Earn

Every completed task can earn you up to $0.1 to $2 depending upon its nature. This rate can be up or down as well. But mostly the rates remain in between the above range. So if you give some time and effort there then you should easily generate a good income each month. But you can earn a lot more by doing more tasks each day. The more you work more you will earn. So if you are just started online then you can consider these sites to earn some extra cash.

Best Paying Micro Job Sites

Here are some of the best micro jobs or short task sites that you can consider to make money online. So let’s go through all of these sites one by one.




Fiverr is the world’s biggest non-traditional freelance marketplace. Where you can earn money by selling your skills. These skills can anything that has some value. Some of the high demanding skills are graphic designing, website designing, writing, SEO and so much more. But most of these skills are quite easy and perhaps everybody can learn them. For example, there are many free tools available online that provide you the facility to make an attractive logo. Rather have complete knowledge of different log making programs like photoshop or illustrator. In short, you will find may job on Fiverr that you can accomplish without having complete knowledge. And in that way, you can generate a good amount of income.

Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk)


Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk) is a crowdsourcing marketplace. That allows businesses to get their work done at a much-reduced price. Individuals registered as the workforce can accept these jobs and complete them to get paid. Although it isn’t available in every country. Yet it is a very good option to generate a good amount of money performing short tasks. These tasks are usually quite simple. And every virtual assistant can accomplish them easily. Tasks may include simple data validation, research, surveys, content moderation, and much more. MTurk is one of the topmost micro-jobs platforms.




ClickWorker is another good platform to earn money as a virtual assistant. The tasks are included participating in surveys, categorizing data, research, text creation, app testing and much more. You are independent to set your all works schedule and location. All you need a computer/mobile and an internet connection to get started. Registration is free of cost and Any Body Can register as a ClickWorker. They also have an Android and IOS app which can be utilized as well. You will be paid on a weekly and monthly basis via different payment processes.


Figure Eight


The next site on our list is Figure Eight which is formerly known as CrowdFlower. This is another big micro-jobs platform where you can earn a very handsome amount of passive income just by doing short/microtasks. This platform also works in the same way by bringing big companies and contributors together to get their work done. And charges a little fee from the job producers. You will get your earnings via PayPal every month or whenever you reached the minimum withdrawal threshold.



It is also a very good crowdsourcing company that provides a chance for individuals to earn revenue by completing short tasks. This is my trusted platform and I had withdrawal a couple of payments from them. That’s why I always recommend you guys to this platform. The nature of jobs is quite similar to app testing, filling up forms, answering short surveys, video watching and so on. The good thing is that they accept many payment processors including PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill, etc. Which allows you to easily withdrawal your earning using your preferred method. The minimum threshold of withdrawal is $9 through PayPal. Which is a little greater for Payoneer and Skrill. So you can consider this site to earn some extra revenue.


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So that’s all from the best paying micro job site’s list. Where you can earn good money for doing short tasks from your home or anywhere else. So if you’re looking for a way to make money online, then these best paying micro job sites can be a very good starting point. specially if you’re a student or have some spare time then you should give it a try to generate some revenue to pay your utility bills or other expenses.

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