Blogging Vs YouTube – Which Is Better In 2020

Blogging vs YouTube – What you should go with? This question seems to be quite confusing for newbies. Who wants to build a second income stream online. But not sure which is right for them and which will generate more income in 2020. If you’re also one of those people then this article may help you to finalize your decision. Although it will be quite difficult to suggest which one will be right. But I will try to explain some important factors that you need to know. Before making your mind to go with one or both.

The ultimate objective of this tutorial is to help you guys to identify your potential. And then choose between either you need to start a blog or YouTube channel. But let me ensure you one thing that both these are the best profit generation sources. So either you choose blogging or YouTube both are good. But please be aware that both these require some effort and time before generating any money. The decision making becomes a little easier. When you’re good at one of these methods or you are passionate about it. But what if you don’t have much exposure to both these. So how do you choose the right option in that case.


Blogging Vs YouTube (Which One Is Better)

So you’re pretty much determined to go with one of these (either to start a blo
g or a YouTube channel). But a little confused and don’t know which will be right for you. So here I present some points that you need to go through to identify the right choice for you. So let’s begin and explore them one by one.


Self Realization

The first and most important aspect is to identify yourself. And try to find out at what skills you’re good. For instance, if you’re a confident person and have not shy to face the camera. Then you should consider YouTube. But on the other hand, if you don’t want to face a camera but have good writing skills then blogging is the right choice for you. So this is very important to identify what you are good at. And there can be many scenarios that you can assume to identify yourself.
Earning Potential

OK, so you have identified your skills and potentials. The next thing in the process is to evaluate which will be more profitable and generate more revenue. Because you should have an estimate in your mind before starting. Although both these are very good income sources. But according to some experienced bloggers and YouTubers, a blog can generate much more revenue rather a YouTube channel. And the reason they provide is that Google pays higher CPC (cost per click) and impressions rates to blogs.


Starting Cost

The next thing is to determine which platform is cost-efficient. So here again the blog is a better option. Because to start a blog all you need to buy a domain and hosting. Whereas for starting a YouTube channel you might require to buy a new Mic, camera, and set up a studio to record videos. Which will cost you much more? Also for blogging, it is not mandatory to buy a domain or web hosting. There are many free platforms are also available where you can start a blog and monetize it. So we can say that blogging is a much cheaper option.


Which Is More Convenient

Another factor to be considered before finalizing your decision is to determine which method will require less time and effort. So here I can say that YouTube is better than blogging. Because to maintain a blog you have to produce new content regularly. Whereas it is more convenient to record a 10-15 minutes video. Although it also takes time, in my opinion, it is a little easier than writing 1000 word article.


Another factor that you need to be aware of is the competition level. Although both these are very competitive. But blogging is much more competitive than YouTube. And it is crowded heavily. Every third person has a blog. Which makes it a lot difficult for the newbies to make their career in blogging. But on the other hand, YouTube has more space to grow yourself. And if you follow the right directions then you can still become viral on YouTube.


So these are some of the factors that can have an impact on your decision making. But once you’re clear and ready to go ahead then you should not worry much. Only focus on producing high-quality content and you will be successful one day. But what if we move a little forward and combine both these to maximize the earnings. Then let me say that there is no better scenario than that. Because in that way you can generate much more passive income than you might think at the starting point.


Maximize The Earnings

If you are free and want to generate a full-time income. Then it’s a very good option to associate a blog with your YouTube channel. Then you can do it very easily. In that way, you can not only use one Google AdSense to monetize both these but also earn a lot more than going for a single one. And you can drive traffic from YouTube channel to your site. Which is another big plus?
By the way, associating a blog with your YouTube channel also bring new revenue generation schemes. For example, you can promote affiliate products on your website. Which can generate you a passive income? So in that way, your earning potential will be increased a lot. And you will not be dependent on a single monetization method.



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After going through all these points, it is quite clear that blogging can generate more revenue than YouTube. And it is less expensive than starting a brand new YouTube channel. But on the other hand YouTube is much more convenient as compared to blogging. Where you have to keep on producing new content regularly. We also came to know that by combining both these methods can maximize the earnings.

But the conclusion of all the discussion is that by taking both these methods neck to neck, you can able to generate more revenue. I know many successful entrepreneur that do the exact same. And they are generating very good income through both of these means. So my suggestion would be to take both these methods in consideration. In that way you should be able to earn a lot more. So that’s all frome blogging vs YouTube comparison. Hopefully, you should now choose the right option for yourself.

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