Add Contact Form On Blogger Pages With Ease

How to add a contact form on Blogger pages? Or if your Blogger contact form not working– Then keep reading the article. Because here I am going to guide you on how to install a contact form in Blogger pages. And it should work perfectly. So if you are a blogger and have your blog on Blogger then this article will surely help you a lot. The problem is that most new users either don’t know how to add a contact form in Blogger Pages. Or the contact form that they added didn’t work properly. 
So today I will provide a solution for both these problems. The contact form that will be used in this tutorial is for free. And the good thing is that it will be generated through Google Forms. Where you can create unlimited forms and then embed these on your websites. A step by step method will guide you on how to create and embed Google Forms on Blogger. So let’s start and see how to embed a contact form on Blogger pages.

Why Contact Form Is Required

Before moving forward it’s important to understand the importance of a contact form on the blog /website. Contact page and contact form are both necessary for a blog or website. Because it allows visitors to contact the blog or website administration. For asking their queries or acquiring support. So being a blog or website administrator it’s a must to provide them a method to contact you.
  • Contact Form Features
  • Responsive and sleek design
  • 100% working absolutely no trouble
  • Fully customizable
  • Easy to install on Blogger
  • Doesn’t require any coding knowledge or extraordinary skills

How To Add A Contact Form On Blogger Pages

So let’s find out how to first create and then embed it on Blogger. For that please follow the below instructions:
Step 1=> Go to the Google Forms website by clicking this link:
Learn How To Add Contact Form On Blogger Pages With Ease
And then click on the “Go to Google Forms” button. This will take you to the Google Forms home page. Make sure that you are log into your Google account. But if you’re not already logged in then you can log in now.
Step 2=> On the Google Forms home page you have the option to create a new form by clicking the plus button. Or you can import any prebuilt templates. I recommend you to create a brand new form. So for that click on the big + icon.
Step 3=> You will land on a page look like the below image. Where you have many options to build your very first form. So first of all, give your form a name which can be anything.
Learn How To Add Contact Form On Blogger Pages With Ease
Step 4=> On the right hand a bar will be visible to you. Which allow you to add a form field, image, and other things. So click on the + icon to add a new field. Choose what type of field you desire (single line, drop-down, paragraph, etc) from the drop-down. And give it a title like “Name” or whatever you want.
Step 5=> You can make this field a required by clicking the toggle button below that. So create as many fields as you wish in the same way.
Learn How To Add Contact Form On Blogger Pages With Ease
Please note that all of your changes will be automatically saved. Also, the button field is being added automatically with every form. So you don’t need to worry if you don’t see it in field types.
Step 6=> After designing your form according to your needs, click on the “SEND” button at the top right. And on this page, you have the option to send this form to anyone by email, copy it’s a link or embed it. As we are looking to embed it on Blogger. So for that copy, it’s embed code to your clipboard.
Learn How To Add Contact Form On Blogger Pages With Ease
After that heads over to your Blogger dashboard and select the blog where you want to add this form.
Step 7=> On Blogger, click on the pages link from the left navigation and either create a new page or edit an existing one.
Step 8=> Now give this page a title like “Contact” or Contact Us”. And then switch it from visual editor to HTML editor. Afterward, paste the code that you copied earlier and then simply publish that page.
Learn How To Add Contact Form On Blogger Pages With Ease
And you’re done with adding a contact form on Blogger pages. Open the page to check your new contact page and ensure that the contact form is working properly.

Email Notification

Hopefully, everything works perfectly. but a problem still remains “how you will be notified whenever this form will be submitted”. Don’t worry I have a solution for that as well.

Simply go to this page and install this Google Forms add-on. This will allow you to get notifications whenever submits the forms into your inbox. Not only that it will also allow you to send automated email notifications to the user email who submit the form., Which is a very good feature and it gives a more professional look.

How To Setup Email Notification

After installing the email notifications addon to your Google Forms. You will notice a new “Addons” icon at the top right. So to enable email notification click on that icon and then click “Enable Notifications” link.
Learn How To Add Contact Form On Blogger Pages With Ease
A popup window will appear with different options and here you also need to click enable notifications. After that click on the addon’s icon once more and click form settings this time. This will take you to a new page, where you need to add anew rule.
So click on the add new rule button and it will bring you a page where many different options will be available. Here you need to give this rule a name (anything). And then enter your email address (Ain the reply to address field) where you want to receive the notification of form submission. And then click the save button.
Please note that there are many other options are available for you as well. And to know everything and how these options work please check out the below video.


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I am sure this tutorial will help you to install a contact form on your Blogger blog. Unfortunately, Blogger default contact forms are working some times and sometimes they didn’t work. So that’s how to add contact form on blogger pages really. And it will solves that problem. It is an effective way to get in touch with your blog’s audience.

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