Become a Google Certified Digital Marketing Consultant

Digital marketing is a vastly growing phenomenon in the online world. And it’s importance is increasing day by day. Which creates the demand for qualified digital marketing consultants. And it presents very lucrative job opportunities as well. And it is highly recommended to learn digital marketing to secure your share. But unfortunately, there are not enough free resources available to learn it. And you have to pay to excel your knowledge to learn that particular skill.


Although some YouTube channels are offering some videos regarding digital marketing. But they’re not conclusive enough to fully understand the concept of digital marketing. So if you’re interested to learn digital marketing then where you should go? Worry not I will introduce you to a platform where not only you can learn digital marketing. But after completion, you will get a certificate too.
The good thing is that you will be trained by Google. What can be better than that? And right after that, you can start your digital marketing expert career. And I would highly encourage you to grab the digital marketing skill. Because the demand for highly trained digital marketers will boom within a couple of years. So it is the right time to learn it.

What Is Digital Marketing

Before moving forward, I would like to explain a little about digital or internet marketing service for newbies. According to Wikipedia, digital marketing (unlike traditional marketing) is internet-based marketing. It is a very broad field comprises of many channels like search engine optimization (SEO), paid advertising (PPC), content marketing, search engine marketing (SEM), email marketing, social media marketing and more.


Digital marketing has many advantages as compared to traditional offline marketing. And understanding digital marketing is much important before digging into it. Business uses digital marketing techniques to expand their customer’s reach. Digital marketing provides a way to target a specific audience. Moreover, digital marketing provides great insights into how a business is performing.

What Does A Digital Marketor Do


A digital marketing expert can be a person or company who takes care of the internet marketing needs of a business. Knows the goals of that particular business and develop different internet marketing strategies to promote it.


The responsibilities of an online marketing expert  or a full stack digital marketer may vary depending upon his role. But some of the most common responsibilities are search engine marketing (SEO), social media management, search engine marketing (SEM) or paid advertising (PPC), email marketing, content marketing, etc. So to become a successful digital marketer, you need to master these skills.

digital marketing

Digital Marketing Scope


The technology is changing very rapidly. And the businesses are shifting towards a digital era. This certainly creates a huge demand for professional digital marketers. And they hire freelance digital marketers to handle all of their marketing strategies. Not only that, being a digital marketing expert you can start your online digital marketing agency as well. So the future scope is very bright for digital marketing. And there are many job and business opportunities available for digital marketing consultants.

Getting Started As A Digital Marketer


The purpose of explaining all this is to motivate you to learn digital marketing. To get started with digital marketing, you first need to learn it. So where you can start learning it without paying a single penny. So let’s disclose the platform where you can start learning digital marketing. And you will be awarded a certificate after completion

Google Digital Garage


The digital garage is Google’s property. Which provides you an opportunity to learn different in-demand skills for free. Not only that, but you will also receive a certificate of completion after completing different courses. Which can make your profile more powerful. So here you can learn many different courses. But the course that I would recommend you to must enroll in digital marketing. Which itself contains multiple skill sets. So it brings a great chance to become a digital marketing consultant. Especially if you’re from a country like Pakistan where we don’t have many job opportunities.

Enroll In Digital Marketing Course


The process to enroll yourself in the digital marketing course is very easy. you just need to have a Google account. And that’s all you need to start learning. Follow the below step by step guide to get started.


Step 1=> Go to this page and click on the sign-in button.
Step 2=> You can sign in there using your Google account or with an email address. So go ahead and sign into it.
Step 3=> After signing in, you will be directed to a page where you need to provide some basic info and preferences. So fill out all the required information and setting up your preferences click on the Complete button to go to the next page.
Step 4=> On the next page you will see all the available courses that you can join. I don’t appear simply click on the online courses link at the top to land on the courses page.
Step 5=> Here you need to click on the digital marketing course. Which will lead you to the course page.  Click on start course to start learning.


Every course will be consist of multiple modules. And at the end of every chapter you can test your knowledge. A quiz will be presented to you after every module. That’s how you can proceed in the course. And after the completion, of course, you will be awarded a certificate.


If you’re from Pakistan and don’t have much knowledge of the English language. Then you can join another platform which will provide you the training on digital marketing and many other skills in your native language. And you can also claim a certificate after completing the course.



The platform that I am talking about is DigiSkills. It is an initiative of the Government of Pakistan and Virtual University. To enroll yourself here, you need to provide your Pakistani national ID Card and other basic information.
To get started, you need to first register yourself at DigiSkills. And after that, you can enroll in any 2 courses of your choice. These courses are provided in 2 sessions. in a year. So you can enroll yourself to start learning here.

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Final Thoughts


Digital marketing is an in-demand skill that is getting very popular. And it provides many different online jobs,business, and money-making opportunities for digital marketing consultant and experts. So if you’re planning to make your career in it then it’s the right time to get started. The primary objective of providing all this information is to encourage you, people, to play your part in the growth of Pakistan by enabling yourself to compete at the top level.

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