Is It Really Possible to Earn Money with Short Links

Is it really possible to earn money with short links or URL shortner websites? Yes I think it is possible. Because many people claim to earn a very good residual income from URL shortener sites. So it can be verified that it is possible to earn some extra cash throgh short links. URL shortener websites can be a good source to generate good income. Many individuals make a very handsome amount with these sites.

That’s why I consider this method to be shared with you guys. Who haven’t any skill but want to earn some money online. I will also suggest some of the best and highest paying URL shortener websites. Where you can earn money simply by shortening a log tail URL. This method does not require to have any prior knowledge or experience.

So if you want to earn some extra cash then you can keep on reading. The method to earn money from URL shortener websites is pretty much the same, All you have to do is to generate a short URL from these sites and then promote that link using different methods. And whenever someone clicks on that link you will get paid. The exact method will be described below. So after this brief intro let’s begin with this tutorial.


How URL Shortnener Sites Work

As the name of these websites clearly suggest that these sites are to shorten a long URL. And when someone clicks on that short URL, you will earn money. The link can be anything like an interesting video, photo, article or anything. Which you think that people will click to see the landing page. More clicks on that link will generate more revenue. Although the method is quite simple, but most individuals don’t know where to share these links to get maximum clicks.

The URL shortner websites are making money through display advertisements. Anybody clicks the shorten URLs have to wait a few second before they can skip it to land on the final page. And they pays a small proportion out of that earnings to their users. By they way, there are many videos on how to start a URL shortener website. It does require some money to start that kind of site. Although it doesn’t included in this topic but you can check the process .


Earn Money With Short Links

So let’s take a look at the exact process of making money through URL shortener websites. So please check out the below steps to get started.

Step 1=>> To start earning with an URL shortener site, you have to register an account on that site. Which will be quite simple. And most of you guys might already know how to register an account on any website.

Step 2=> After registering an account and verifying it, you need to grab an link of an interesting video, article, or anything else.

Step 3=> After acquiring the URl of an interesting item, you need to shorten that URL from URL shortener website.

Step 4=> Finally copy that short URL and promote it to get maximum number of clicks.


What Type Of Links Get Maximum Clicks

Videos tend to get better click than any other form of media.

Disclaimer: T

here are many people stated that porn videos get maximum number of clicks. But I would not recommend that ever to my followers. Because at the end money is not all that you should look for. And let me tell you one thing that earnings from these methods is temporary. But if want to establish a recurring income stream, then you should use ethical methods and stay away from all short-term and unethical methods. Take your work seriously and do some effort to get best results.


Most Popular URL Shortener Sites

These are some of the top most and high paying URL shortener websites. Which you can join and start making money right away. There are many other as well which you can find by searching in Google.


short links is perhaps the oldest and reliable URL shortener site. Where you can earn a good amount of earnings. Here you can earn up to $5 to $10 for every 1000 clicks. The rate can be up or down depending upon from which part of the world the click came. For example if you get clicks from tier one countries like United States, United Kingdom, etc, you will earn a very good amount rather getting clicks from other counties.

Most of these URL shortner websites also allow tomonetize a blog or website as well. So if you have a blog or website, you can maximize the earnings. alos allows to earn referral money by inviting new people to their platform.



ClicksFly is another very good and high paying URL shortener website. And you can earn a very good income from it. If you’re just started and want to test this method to earn money then ClicksFly is definitely one of the best choices. You can earn up to $10 or even higher per 1000 clicks. The rate is different for every region. Which you can check out by visiting their official website. The minimum payout threshold is only $3 and support many different payment processors. is another very trusted and high paying URL shortener website. Which exists and operated from the last many years. This site also gives a very good rate. And it also allow blog or website monetization. So you can earn either by sharing or by blog monetization. Click got from from English speaking countries specially from US pays up to $14 for every 1000 clicks. This site also has a referral program which you can join and double your earnings. is also quite popular URL shortener website and many individuals make good money through it. They claim to pay the highest CPM (cost per mile) rates. Also offer referral program where you can earn 50% of the referral earnings. for lifetime. So you can join this site as well to earn extra revenue by getting clicks to short URLs. The getting started process is quite easy. Simply register your account there and start earning. They support many different payment processors to redeem your earnings. is considered another very good URL shortners right now. Although the CPM rate is quite low as compared to other URL shortener website. But it has some good features. So you can definitely consider it as well to earn some extra cash. It offers different payment options to withdraw earnings. You can get the best rate when you get traffic from Australia, United Kingdom and US. So you can consider it as well.


Link Promotion Techniques

These are some of the best link promotion techniques that you can use to get some clicks. There are many videos available on YouTube that suggest you where to share these shorten URLs to earn much more. So if you wan to explore more methods then you can check out these videos.


Social Media

Shorten URLs can be promoted through different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Whatsapp etc. But here I would recommend you to share these links to different Facebook groups and WhatsApp groups. There you can get more clicks quite easily. But do not spam these social media platforms. Otherwise, they will banned you. So be mindful when promoting links to social media platforms.


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Another great way to get maximum clicks is to post these links on your blog or website. If you already have a blog or website then it is good. But if you don’t have one, you can create it very easily for free using Blogger or any other blogging platform. Blog creation is quite simple. But if you don’t know the exact process then you can search and watch a video on YouTube.


Directory Submission Sites

Directory submission sites are also good to promote links or anything else. There are many free directory submission websites available online where you can submit your links without paying anything. So if you don’t have much resources then I would recommend to use these free directory submission sites.



So that’s how you can make money simply by getting clicks on short links. So if you are a student, housewife and have some spare time then why not try these URL shortener websites to earn money with short links. So that’s all from today’s article. If you like it then please share it on social media profiles. And if you have any question then ask it in the comments section. I will be happy to help you out.

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