Google AMP For WordPress – Complete Setup Guide

If you have a blog or website then you might heard about Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). Google recommends for the publishers to implement AMP on their websites. There are many different advantages of having AMP installed on your site. Which we will discuss in this article. I will also describe how to properly configure Google AMP for WordPress websites. So if you are thinking about installing Google AMP on your site then this tutorial can help you a lot.



What Is AMP


AMP is basically a much fast and lighten version of a website that loads a lot faster. Few years back Google made an announcement to launch AMP. The objective behind is to boost usability and User experience by presenting fast loading website on mobile devices. According to a report more than 45% of visitors leave a website within the first 30 seconds. And the reason behind is the poor loading speed of that website. But by presenting accelerated mobile pages (AMP), the bounce rate can be reduced.


Google favours the websites in many different ways which serve AMP. So if anybody wants to get the fever from Google and gain other SEO related benefits then they must confire AMP on their websites. The benefits that can be achieved by integrating AMP or mentioned below.


Advantages Of AMP

These are some of the advantages of AMP. Which can be gained by simply making your website AMP ready.

  • Increases the usability and user experience on any website. Google love those sites which have better usability.
  • Another big benefit of having AMP is that it help to reduce the bounce rate. Which is again very important in SEO perspective.
  • Google favor those sites which integrate AMP and in return it boost the rankings in search engine.
  • Higher ranking will increase the flow of traffic towards a website. Which every business or website owner desires.
  • Reduce the page load time and make a website super fast especially on a mobile device.



How To Setup Google AMP For WordPress


So now let’s talk about how to integrate AMP on a WordPress website. For that !!!please follow the below guidelines. We will use a plugin for integrating AMP on WordPress. So let’s begin!

Step 1 => The first step is to log into your WordPress website dashboard. And then navigate to the plugins section and click on add new link to install a new plugin.

Step 2 => The plugin that we are using in this tutorial is AMP for WPAMP for WP by Ahmed Kaludi. So search for that plugin and install it. After installing, activate the plugin.

So that’s it now your site has AMP ready. But we need to configure some important settings to personalize the design.



Basic Setup

After installation, the next thing is to configure some important settings. So for that go to the AMP page by clicking it from the left navigation.

On the setup page you have to specify some very important things like where you want to display AMP (on page, posts, and home page). So go ahead and select your preferred option. I would recommend you to enable AMP on everywhere. But you can make your own mind as well. Here you also need to specify the type of your website like blog, eCommerce etc.

Here you can also integrate Google Analytics on AMP version website. For that you need to enter the tracking ID of your website. The good thing about this plugin is that it allows to display advertisement on the AMP version. So if you want to monetize your website you can do that as well. You can also shut up cookies notification that will be displayed to every user. So configure the settings according to your needs and press the save button. So these are the common settings that you need to configure.


Settings Panel

This plugin allows you to customize many different things like SEO, advertisements, analytics, PWA, performance and much more. You can adjust all these settings according to your desire by going through one by one. An important thing to note is that by default the AMP version will not be displayed right away to the visitors. Unless you enable mobile redirection from the advanced settings panel. Once enabled all the visitors will be redirect to the AMP version.


Design AMP Website


The next section will be the design section where you can customise the look of your AMP version website. The plugin provides you different free and paid themes that you can use on your site. So you can switch whatever theme you like to display. There are many different options available to customise the look of your website. It all depends upon you how would you like to see your AMP website. So change the customization options to get your desired look. And once you are satisfied you are good to Sar accelerated mobile pages (AMP).


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Bottom Line


Google AMP can really improve your website’s performance and ranking in search results. So Sooner or later you need to consider it at a stage. And by the way nobody knows when Google makes AMP necessary for every website. So why not implement it on your website now to gain all the advantages. So that’s all from Google AMP for WordPress tutorial.

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