How To Increase Website Traffic Through Google In 2019

More and more people always asking this question “how to increase website ranking and traffic”. And it is the topmost issue for new bloggers and website owners. So if you are also looking to find out the best ways to increase website traffic, then you can learn many traffic generation strategies here. In this article, I will share multiple strategies on how to increase website traffic through Google. So keep reading to explore and learn these methods.

Traffic means a lot for every blog or website. Because it can only be possible to showcase your products or services when visitors came to your site. Which demands a lot more concentration. So it’s important to identify the targeted audiance to run advertising campaigns to bring them on your website.

How To Increase Website Traffic Through Google

There are some strategies that can help to increase website conversion. And the good thing is that most of these strategies are free. Sahyog and start implementing these on your website right away.

Right Keyword Selection

Keyword research is the most important and vital factor that will determine your website’s traffic. The goal here is to choose the right keywords that have good search volumes. But you need to be aware of the competition level at the same time. Various free and paid tools are available in the market to perform keyword research. Some of the good free tools that you can use are Keywords Everywhere Google Chrome extension, Ubbersuggest, KW Finder and Google keyword planner. And if you want to use a paid tool then Ahref and SemRush are the best choices

Content Quality

Proving high-quality content through blog posts is also a very powerful method to drive a good amount of traffic. Offering something new that was not discussed before can attract dozens of new visitors towards your site. Also, consider writing long and in-depth articles to retain existing visitors. Because Google likes lengthy articles and ranks them higher in search results. Which can help to boost your website traffic.

Attractive Title And Meta Description

Remember visitors like to visit those websites only that have unique, attractive and attention-grabbing titles and meta descriptions. And if they consider a website not interesting they simply ignore it and go to the next one. So make sure to write an attractive and attention-grabbing title and meta description to invite more and more visitors. You have only a split second to prove that you are the best from other search results. You can use tools like BuzzSumo to get an idea about writing amazing post titles.

Include Media

Adding images to your website content also help to improve website traffic. Images or videos are not only very good to keep your readers intact but they also allow you to drive traffic towards your website. Because images are also indexed in search engines and whenever someone clicks on these images it will be directed towards your website. That’s why images are also good to drive traffic. To make your images searchable always optimize them by adding the ALT attribute.

Index Content In Google

Indexing your website and its content in Google is very important for getting traffic. Visitors can come on your website only if it is indexed in Google and appear in search results. So for that it’s recommended to submit a sitemap in Google search console or you can use URL inspection tool index individual web pages.

Google Adwords is although a paid method to get traffic to your site. But surely it is the fastest way to obtain traffic. It is also a very good method to promote your website. So if you are a little new and want to become popular brand quickly, then you should use Google Adwords to run advertising campaigns to boost your website traffic.
How To Increase Website Traffic Through Google In 2019

Social Media

Another great way to improve website traffic is to share your website’s content on different social media platforms. There are multiple free tools available that you can use to schedule content sharing on social media websites. Your goal is to keep intact with your social media followers. And a good way of doing that is to regularly share content there. And include links back to your site. This will help to drive some traffic back towards your website.


YouTube is the most popular platform. And millions of people all over the world daily visit it to watch their favorite videos. Which offers a great opportunity to utilize for traffic generation purposes. Couple of ways you can drive YouTube visitors towards your site. First and the best method is to create a channel and associate it with your blog. The second method can share your blog or website links on it by commenting on videos that are relevant to your niche or topic. So either way, you should consider using this traffic driven strategy.


Forums also present a great chance to get visitors to your website. The method is quite simple and easy. You need to register yourself at different forums and start answering the questions related to your blog or website category. Provide as much value as you can there and include your website links as a reference in the answers. But do not try to spam or linking too much. Otherwise, your account can be blocked. Be mindful when using these forms to get targetted visitors for your blog or website.

Link To Other Website

Another method to increase website traffic is to link your website on other popular websites in your niche. For that, you need to wear SEO shoes and optimize your link building strategy. And find any way to get a link back to your website. There are multiple link building strategies that you can implement. like a guest post, broken link building, blog commenting, etc. This will help your website to gain referral traffic. Not only it will help you to boost website traffic but also help to build authority.

Regularly Update Content

It’s been observed that people only click on the results which are recently updated. They don’t like to read outdated content. So if you keep your website content up to date, then it cal also help to increase website traffic. It’s been advised from experienced blogger to keep replacing outdated content with newer content. This will help Google to display your website content to interested visitors who are searching for that.

Add Blog

If you have an E-commerce or any other type of website then you can include a blog section on your site to target more visitors. It’s always considered very helpful. Because a blog can generate a lot of visitors for free without spending any money. So include a blog to your website to get more visitors. Moreover, it will also help to improve your website ranking in Google.


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Bottom Line

I am pretty sure that if you implement these strategies on your website then they will help to grow your website traffic. Not only that you can also get higher rankings in search results by using them. And that’s how to increase website traffic through Google.

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