How To Link Jazz Cash Account With Payoneer – Step By Step Guide

How to link Jazz Cash account with Payoneer? If you’re trying to connect your Jazz Cash account with Payoneer account, then this article may help you to understand the exact process. Here we will also discuss the potential benefits of connecting the Jazz Cash account to the Payoneer account as well. Other than that, we will try to explore some more features of this new service by Jazz. So if you want to know all this then please stay tuned and read the full article.

Mobilink takes a revolutionary step to join hands with Payoneer (global payment processor company). A few days back I came to know about this amazing news. So that’s why I like to share it with you. This service is very beneficial for individuals who work online for whatever projects especially freelancers. This service is introduced to facilitate Pakistani freelancers and entrepreneurs to get their money quite easily. All they need a Jazz Cash account to withdraw their money from Payoneer.

This service introduced by Mobilink will surely ease down the withdrawal process. No more hustle to get money right into your hands. Also, their will no more need to acquire Payoneer Debit Card. Simply create a Payoneer account and then link it to your Jazz Cash account. And get your money from the nearest Jazz/Mobilink retailer or franchise.



  • Instantly receive funds from Payoneer o your Jazz cash account
  • Better exchange rates
  • Withdraw as little as 1$
  • 2 free ATM cash withdrawals
  • Free air time on every dollar




How To Link Jazz Cash Account With Payoneer


To connect your Jazz cash account with your Payoneer account please follow the below step by step guide carefully.

Step 1=> Open Jazz cash app on your smartphone and tap the Payoneer option.

Step 2=> A prompt will appear where all the steps were mention to link your Jazz cash account to Payoneer. Simply click on the “Link Account” button at the bottom.

Step 3=> It will redirect you to the Payoneer website. Where you need to enter your credentials to log into your Payoneer account.

Step 4=> Once logged in successfully, you will see a confirmation message that your Jazz cash account has been linked with Payoneer.

That’s it! Now you can send or receive money directly into your Jazz cash mobile account.


How To Withdraw Money From Payoneer To Jazz Cash


To withdraw funds from Bayonne into your Jazz cash account follow the below instructions.

1. Open the Jazz cash app and tap Payoneer from it.

2. Enter the amount in $ which you want to withdraw and then recheck all the information.

3. Once ready input your MPIN which you have created at the time of Jazz cash account creation. And then press the button to continue.

4. If the withdrawal request was successful, you will receive the transaction receipt.

That’s it!



Jazz itself doesn’t charge anything on every transaction. Moreover, you will get 2 free ATM withdrawals for free. But standard charges are applied on every withdrawal through retailers. Payoneer will also deduct a 2% fee on every single transaction. Which is quite fair and doesn’t bother much.



Please see the below screenshot to check the limits.

How to link Jazz cash account with payoneer

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Bottom Line


This joint venture can be life-changing for Pakistanies. Where we don’t have many options to get money from online platforms. So if you’re a freelancer, work online at any platform or have your own business online this service is truly amazing. So that’s how to link Jazz cash account with Payoneer. If you don’t already have a Jazz cash account, you can create one for free easily. I hope you guys will be excited to read all this information. And thanks for reading the whole article.

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