How to Open Easypaisa Account – Complete Guide

How to open Easypaisa account and how to use it to send and receive money? If you don’t have an Easypaisa account already, then in this tutorial i will guide you step by step to create one for yourself. We will also discuss it’s features, advantages and other aspects. So if you’re a businessman, trader or belong to another segment of society, Easypaisa is surely a great utility. And you can control all your financial dealings from your smartphone. So keep reading to find out all the details.


Telenor Easypaisa is emerging as a great alternative to formal bank accounts. The number of people using Easypaisa mobile accounts is increasing day by day. Because it is more convenient and easy way to send or receive money within Pakistan. No more need to visit a bank and go through the boring and time-consuming process. Easypaisa offers many different quality services. Some of its prominent services are money transfer, bill payment, mobile recharge and more. And you can avail all these services at a much cheaper and phenomenal price.

Easypaisa Account Features

Although the Easypaisa mobile account has many features. And it’s not possible to describe all of them here. So these are some of the best features of the Easypaisa account.


  • Simple and easy to use
  • Send or receive money in almost every part of the country
  • ATM card availability to withdraw funds
  • Economical withdrawal charges
  • Available 24/7 365 days a year



Benefits Of Easypaisa

There I would like to mention some of the benefits or advantages of the Easypaisa account. And why it worthwhile to create one for yourself.

Take Control Of All Financial Dealings


The first and the biggest Easypaisa account advantage is that it brings all of your business dealings and financial matters into your hand. No matter where you’re you can now send or get your money almost within a few seconds. There is simply no need to go to a bank every time to make a transaction. You can do all this at the luxury of your home, shop or whatever place.

Save Your Time


Another benefit of having an Easypaisa account is that it saves your time and effort. You can control all of your money related matters on your smartphone. And you can send or receive money directly from it. Previously we need to visit a bank account every time we need to send or receive funds. Which is quite difficult especially for businessmen and people living in the villages.


Pay Utility bills


You can pay all of your utility bills using your Easypaisa account. Which is a great service offered by Easypaisa. We don’t need to go anywhere to pay these bills as we did in the past. Instead, now you can pay all these bills simply using your smartphone.

Cheap Rates


You can enjoy all the services from Easypaisa at a much lower price. Which makes it the first choice for most people. And these charges apply to withdrawals. Which is quite fair for using many different services.

Bank Deposit


Not only you can send money to other Easypaisa accounts and CNIC number. But you have the facility to send money to other bank accounts also. Which is a big added advantage of it. Those days gone when we can deposit funds into a bank account by bank transfer only. This feature allows you to top up your bank account too.

how to open Easypaisa account


Easypaisa mobile accounts can be created in two different ways. The first one is via dialing a code from your smartphone and the second one is by using the Eastonsa mobile account app. We will look at both the methods to create a new Easypaisa mobile account. So please follow the below instructions to create it.


How to Open Easypaisa Account - Complete Step by Step Guide

First Method


Step 1=> First of all open the dial pad on your mobile device and dial *786#.
Step 2=> you will be asked to enter a 5 digit pin which will be used later.
Step 3=> You will be asked once more to re-enter your 5 digit pin.
After that, you will receive the confirmation message that your Easypaisa mobile account has been created successfully. And now you can send and receive money using your Easypaisa account.

Second Method (Easypaisa Mobile Account App)


The first method is only working for those who have their own Telenor Sim. But if you don’t have the Telenor sim then you can create Easypaisa mobile account by using their mobile app.
Step 1=> Install the Easypaisa mobile account app on your Android mobile and open it.
Step 2=> On the next screen you need to click on the “create new” button to create a new account.
Step 3=> Next up you will be asked to enter your mobile number. After adding your mobile number click the next button.
Step 4=> Now you will receive a one time password via text message. Which this app will detect automatically and take you to the next step.
Step 5=> Here you need to enter a 5 digit pin and confirm it. And your account should be created successfully
Please note that the steps can be different for every user. So don’t worry and follow the instructions to complete the registration process.


How to deposit money Into the Easypaisa mobile account

After creating the Easypaisa account you can deposit funds in it by visiting any Easypaisa retailer near you. And in the same method, you can withdraw money from your Easypaisa account. There are some charges on every withdrawal that you need to pay. But don’t bother because they are very little and easily be bearable.


Easypaisa Loan

Easypaisa also provides you the facility to get loan for starting anew business. Which is a great option for people who don’t have enough money to start their business. So if you’re also looking for a place to get a loan for your business. Then you can consider Easypaisa.

Easypaisa ATM Card

Easypaisa also provides the facility of ATM card. Which can be used to withdraw funds from any ATM. So if you use Easypaisa more frequently, you can get their ATM card to make the withdrawal procedure more convenient. But please be aware that you need to pay a fee for that.

Easypaisa Account Charges

The charges of Easypaisa are different for every service. For example, the charges of depositing money into a bank account are different from sending money to another Easypaisa account or CNIC. To view all of their charges in detail please download this Easypaisa charges schedule PDF HERE.

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Easypaisa’s account is a great option for almost everyone. Either you’re a businessman or a working individual, Easypaisa is a good choice. Because you’re now aware of how to open Easypaisa account, you should avail of this opportunity to create your mobile wallet. There are no charges for creating and having an Easypaisa account. But if you don’t want to keep it you can close it any time in the future.

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