How To Open Jazz Cash Mobile Account – Step By Step

In this article, I am going to share the complete method on how to open Jazz cash mobile accoun. Because Jazz cash is a really useful service to send or receive payments. Especially in a country where not many options are available. So if you desire to create a mobile wallet, then this tutorial will help you to get started. I will also try to explain the topmost features and benefits of the Jazz cash account. So if you want to know all this then read the whole article.


Mobile wallets are getting a very popular method to send or collect money in Pakistan. Jazz cash and other mobile wallets like Easypaisa introduce such great features that never been heard before. So if you have not created the Jazz/Mobi cash account, then here in this tutorial I will provide you complete step by step process to create one for yourself. To know more about how to create a Jazz cash account keep reading this article. Otherwise, if you already know the process then you can surely skip this.


About Jazz Cash


Mobicash or jazz cash is a service provided by Mobilink (a telecommunication company). It allows us to send or receive money anywhere inside Pakistan. Jazz cash also has its Android app which provides you the ability to handle all your money transactions with a single click. Mobicash is exactly like a bank account that can be operated remotely anywhere. By using it you can have complete control over all of your financial matters.


Jazz Cash Account Features


These are some of the best features of Jazz/Mobicash account


  • Easy to accessible and available on every smartphone
  • All in one service to take care of all of your financial matters
  • Cheapest rates which are affordable for everyone
  • Simple and easy to use interface
  • Quick and reliable service


Advantages Of Jazz Cash


Jazz cash is a very useful service in our country where not many payment processing options are available. And the great thing about jazz cash is that it is very much accessible everywhere and easy to use service. Which makes it one of the tops most popular payment processor company in Pakistan. It doesn’t matter whether you live in a village or city you can use this service. There are many advantages of having a Jazz cash account but some of the most prominent are mentioned below.


  • Jazz cash or Mobi cash account allows you to send or receive money anywhere without leaving your home or office and shop
  • It not only save your time but money also because their rates are quite economical as compared to normal bank charges
  • You can pay electricity, gas and other utility bills while sitting at the comfort of your home
  • You can take full control over all of your financial matters
  • No need to go to the bank because it allows you to deposit funds into your account easily
  • Send or receive money directly into your mobile wallet which can be liquidized any time


How To Open Jazz Cash Mobile Account


There can be more than one method of creating a Jazz cash account. One by dialing a code and the second is by using their mobile app. So we need to understand both these methods.


First Method (Using Jazz cash Mobile App)


This method is automatic and quite easy to create a new Jazz cash account. For this, you need to have their mobile app already installed on your device. But if you don’t have already then you can install it to get started.


Step 1=> Oopen Jazz cash mobile application on your smartphone and enter the number where you want to create Jazz cash account.

Step 2=> Next it will ask you to enter your CNIC issue date or any other random question for verification purposes. To enter the information required and press the next button.

Step 3=> At the next step you need to set a 4 digit MPIN that you need to remember because it will be used in the future. So go ahead and enter the MPIN and press the continue button.


And that’s it your new Jazz cash account should be created. Which you can use now to send or receive money.


Jazz cash


Second Method (Dialing Code)


This method works best for those who don’t have the Jazz cash Android app. All you need to have a smartphone. Next, follow these instructions to create your Jazz cash account.

Step 1=> Dial *786# on your mobile. A prompt will appear to verify your identity either by asking your CNIC issue date or any other random question. So fill out all the info and press the continue button.

Step 2=> You will receive a confirmation message from Jazz cash to finish your account setup by setting a secret MPIN.

Step 3=> So you need to dial *786# once again to set your 4 digits secret MPIN. So dial and set your desired pin and click on the send button.

Step 4=> Now you need to re-enter your MPIN to verify and press the send button.

And that’s all, your new Jazz cash account has been created successfully. And now you can use your Jazz cash account to send or receive money.


Biometric Verification


To enjoy the full features and to avoid any undesirable situation, you need to need to go through a biometric verification process. So for that visit any Mobilink franchise near you and verify your identity.

Jazz/Mobicash App


Jazz cash also has its Android app which you can use to control your financial matters. Mobicash app can be used to send money to CNIC, bank accounts, pay utility bills, mobile recharge, and many other features. No more need to go to banks every time you need to make a transaction. Instead, you can control all on your mobile phone.

Jazz Cash ATM Card


Jazz cash also provides an ATM card which can be utilized to withdraw money from your Jazz cash account. So if your business is on a large scale and you have to perform many transactions every day, then you can surely get Jazz cash ATM card to ease your routine life. Although you have to pay a marginal fee to hold that ATM card. But it does not matter a lot when it offers such a great solution.

Mobicash Charges


Normally you don’t have to pay anything when you are sending money to another Jazz cash account. But if you are going to send a payment on a CNIC, then the company charges a small percentage of fee from either the sender or the receiver party. Along with that, you have to pay approximately 30-40 Rs on every 1000/- Rs you withdraw. But never the less these are quite cheap as compared to bank transactions.


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Jazz cash or Mobicash is a quite handy service to send or receive money. And that’s why these services like Jazz cash and Easypaisa are becoming very popular these days. No matter where you live, you can get your money more conveniently. So if you don’t already have created a Jazz cash account then this article on how to open jazz cash mobile account can help to create your very own account right now.

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