How To Rank A Website On Google – Comprehensive Guide

Mostly new blog gers and website owners remain worried about a question floating in their mind on how to rank a website on Google. Although it’s a little tricky and does require some efforts and time. But it’s not a rocket science that and one can easily rank on the first page of Google. Frankly speaking, this myth is presented in a way by the so-called SEO gurus that it looks much more difficult than it is. And by the way absorbing too much information from here and there can easily overwhelm anyone’s mind.

The ultimate result of this can easily be detraction and lost your way forward. So if you are also a victim of that and want to find out more concise and to the point information about how to rank your blog or website on Google, then this article is for you.

Remember I am not trying to hurt or pin paint anyone. But it is what that suffers me a lot at the earpy stages of my blogging career. And I don’t want that it will happen with you also. So I want to advise you to stay focused on writing quality content and stop thingng too much about how to rank on Google. If you provide high quality content ultimately at any stage Google will automatically rank your blog or website on it’s first page.

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So let’s move towards our today’s topic on how and what you need to do to urge Google to rank your content. But before starting I want to give you a quick overview on why it is important to rank higher and what are the potential benefits that you will gain by ranking on the first page of Google.

Why Ranking Is So Important

So here are some reasons or benefots to get better ranking in Google.


One of the biggest reason to rank your website in Google is to get more visibility and organic traffic. Perhaps everybody wants to make money with their blogs or websites. There are very few people who run a blog or website for their passion. So it’s important to understand it can only be done when you have a good amount of traffic on your website. To convert it to generate some kind of profits.


Another big reason of ranking higher is to generate leads and sales. Many E-Commerce and online shopping websites are doing exactly that. And it is only possible because their websites are ranked much higher in search results. Which allow them to attract more and more visitors to their sites.

Build Authority

Another reason for ranking higher in search can be to build authority. When a blog or website holds a permanent spot on the first page of Google, it helps to build authority. And authority means more power. It’s due to a website’s authority that every new content published by these sites immediately ranked on the first page of Google without any SEO.

There are many other benefits of ranking higher in search engines, but that’s more than enough to illustrate the importance of ranking.

How Long It Will Take to Rank in Google

Another big question that might arise in your mind is that how long it will take to rank on Google. In reality, there is no such predefined period that one can say that a website takes to rank on the first page of Google. Because multiple factors affect the ranking of a website. For instance domain age, domain authority and some other have an impact on ranking. But according to my estimate and my observation and some other SEO experts, a brand new website starts ranking on the first page of Google within 3-4 months. But it can be different in some other cases as well.

But that is an approximate period and after that your blog or website content will start ranking. So during that period wait patiently and keep pushing your way forward.


Now let’s take a look at some of the technical aspects that have some what an indirect effect on ranking. But they are also very important and you should not ignore them. So make sure to go through them one by one .


Hosting is one of the most important factors in the performance of a website. So be careful while selecting a hosting company and plan. Make sure to do a little research before purchasing it. Don’t go for the cheap ones because most of the times they are just a waste of money and time. There are many good and high quality hosting providers are available online which you can find by exploring the internet.

It’s also important to understand what type of hosting is the best. According to my personal observation dedicated web hosting is far better than shared hosting. So make it absolutely clear that you are buying a dedicated web hosting.


Domains like web hosting also very important for a website’s ranking. Make sure to choose top-level domains only for your site. Preferably select domains with. com, .net and. org extensions. It’s been observed that these extensions ranked much higher than other funky junky ones. And according to some SEO specialists .com extension  is the best from all of these. So keep this thing in your mind before selecting one for your website.

Website Design

Another contributing factor in a website’s ranking is it’s design. Yes it’s also very important to have a perfect web design. Websites having responsive design tend to rank higher than non responsive ones. Another thing that needs to be mentioned here is to choose a light weight well structured and SEO friendly them for your website. Always try to find a  theme with simple and clean layout.

How To Rank A Website On Google - Comprehensive Guide

 How to Rank a Website on Google’s First Page

Let’s find out the esact process and procedure that you should follow to rank your blog or website in Google as quickly as possible. So read and understand these carefully.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is by far the most critical and important step in the process to get better search engine rankings. In general terms, it is the foundation of your blog or website. And the keywords will decide either your blog will be successful or not and how much traffic will come on your site. So make sure to spend some time on finding the profitable and right keywords. Always try to work on those keywords which have little to no competition. Because they will help you to rank your content on top of search results.

As a matter of fact, these keywords might have lower search volumes but you should not be worried about it. So if a keyword has some monthly searches and competition score below 30 then you should go for it. There are many tools available online to conduct keyword research. Some of them are paid and some other free ones. The keyword tools that I like and used for most of my keyword research are Keywords Everywhere Chrome extension and Ubersuggest. And the good part of these tools are that they both are free..

Content Optimization

The next step in the process is to write quality content that contains some value for the readers. So to make your content optimized, do proper formatting of your content. Some other SEO techniques are to include focus keyword in the title, meta description, URL, first paragraph, subheadings and in the last paragraph. If you follow this format then surely it will help rank higher. Also, make sure to keep keyword density score below 10% of the total word count. Also include some kind of media, internal links and authoritative external links in it.

According to new Google updates, content length also becomes very important ranking factor It’s been observed only those blogs or websites ranked at the top which have lengthy content. So try to write long articles with a minimum of 1000 word count at least.

Submit Your Website In Google Search Console

So you have your blog or website setup and running and you have also written a piece of content. The next step in the way is to submit your content for indexing in Google search console. So Google can present your content to it’s potential readers.. For that purpose either you can submit a sitemap in Google search console or use the inspect tool to fasten the indexing process. You can also use other popular search engines to submit your content on there also..

Create Some Backlinks

After writing and submitting your content in search engines, the next and one of the most important step is to promote your content and build some high authority backlinks. Do follow and no follow are both very important. Certain link building strategies can be implemented for that purpose. Some of the most common practices used to build backlinks are blog commenting, creating profile backlinks and by guest posting. There are some other methods also which you can also implement here.

Always try to create backlinks on those websites which have a good page and domain authority. Which can help to rank your content on the top positions. Building backlinks are also very important to beat your competitors. So be mindful and keep your eyes on your competitors as well.

Social Signals

Social signals are also considered very important by Google. And promoting content on different social media platforms is an integral part of off page SEO and Digital Marketing. So don’t forget to share your content on social media regularly. And by the way, there are many free tools available online to schedule social postings. So you can get more and more targeted traffic. You can also get more social shares by providing high quality and valuable information in your articles. Readers will love to share a piece of information if they found it helpful.


After doing all the struggle and putting a lot of effort, the last step is to monitor the performance. To make the analyzing process easier, configure Google Analytics on your site to track data. Also keep an eye on search results also. There are many tools available that can help you to make this process easier.

Some of the most popular tools to observe your website position in search engines are Google Search Console,  Ahref and SemRush. As I told you earlier that it requires some time before your content appears in the top results. So be calm and wait for your turn. Also don’t use any blackhat SEO techniques ever. Because it will automatically hurt all of your efforts

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Final Thoughts

If  you follow alone the exact process mentioned above, it will surely boost your website’s rankings. I hope so that this article will be very beneficial for you. And you will now become aware of the exact process of how to rank a website on Google.

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