How To Start Freelancing In Pakistan 2019 – Complete Guide

Do you have a skill and want to utilize that skill to make a good amount of money ?. Especially if you’re from Pakistan and want to know how to start freelancing in Pakistan. Then this article will be very helpful for you. Because I will explain everything you want to know about freelancing such as what is freelancing, how does freelancing works and how you can make money from freelancing. I will also share a very useful resource with you which can help you to jump start your freelance career. So if you are interested to know all about freelancing, keep on reading the whole article.


But if you are a newbie and don’t have any skill or experience then don’t worry. Because I will share a resource with you where you can learn the topmost in-demand skills for absolutely free. So if you are interested to learn more then please read out the whole article.
Before going into the details, let me explain a little about freelancing and how it works and how does a freelancer make money online.


Who is a freelancer


A freelancer is a skilled person (either sex), expert in a specific or multi-skills. And sell their skills online and charge money from their clients on hiring them to do a particular task. Many skills can easily generate handsome money.
For example, if you are a graphic designer and have a complete grab on your skill, then you can easily make money online by offering your services to different clients (who are looking for freelancers to do different tasks). There are multiple freelance platforms available online which you can join and offer your services. And in return, you can make a very good amount of money.
Note: As I told you earlier that if you don’t have any skill then you should not be worried. Because I will recommend you a free platform where you can learn different skill sets.

Advantages Of Freelancing


There are many benefits of freelancing which should be discussed before so you can understand what you are going to do and what you will get from it.

Become Your Own Boss


The biggest and foremost benefit of freelancing is that you become your own Boss. You are not a subordinate anymore. You can do whatever you want to do, work anytime and anywhere, you can go wherever you desire and many more. No one can stop you stops and ordered you.

Make As Much Money As You Desire


Through freelancing, you can make money online as much you desire. Which is a completely different scenario as compared to any job where you get a fixed amount of salary each month. The more time you spent completing your orders, the more you will earn. That’s why you can make an unlimited amount of money from freelancing which might be not possible doing any other job.

Work From Home


In freelancing, you don’t need to leave your home at all because you can complete all your projects staying at your home. There is also no need to wear a formal dress to do this. You can wear whatever you want, do your work where ever you desire either in your home, outside of your home or anywhere else where an internet connection and a computer is available.

Growth Opportunities


Freelancing career also offers great growth opportunities. You are not bound to do similar tasks every time. Because you can add many other skills alongside your primary skill. Hence, you can grow your capabilities but you can also increase your earning potential. As compared to any other office job where you have to perform only one job throughout your tenure.

Personal Recognition.


Another biggest benefit of freelancing is that you get personal recognition. You are building the trust with your client each time yo complete and submit a project. Which ultimately lead you both to contact each other directly rather on a freelance platform. So that you are getting more Fame and personal recognition. Which allow you to get more and more projects and multiply your earnings over time.


How To Start Freelancing In Pakistan 2019 - Complete Guide


Most Popular Freelance Platforms


Now take a look at some of the most popular freelancing websites online. Where you can join and start making money e right away.

Upwork is perhaps the most popular freelance website. Where thousands of freelancers are registered from all around the world. And hundreds of Orders are being placed on Upwork every day. There are many freelancers are working on Upwork from Pakistan and making a very good amount of money. And surely you can also become one of those.

Guru is also another very popular and well-known freelancing platform. where thousands of freelancers are working from all over the world. There are also freelancers from Pakistan who are working on and generating a very good income.



Another big name in the freelance marketplaces in which is also very e popular freelance network where many freelancers are working. Clients are looking to hire freelancers to complete some kind of task regularly.

Fiverr is very much popular among freelancers from Pakistan, India United States and others. It is slightly different but you can say a unique platform where clients can get their work done in $5. But it does not mean that freelancers can’t charge more than $5. It is the minimum price, but if you offer premium services then you can charge as much as you want.

How To Start Freelancing In Pakistan


The question might arise in your mind after the discussion should be about how and where to start your freelance career. As we discussed earlier that there are many freelance websites/marketplaces available online where you can find work related to your skillset. The first step in the way should be that you need to register yourself with these freelancing websites.
After creating your account you need to set up your profile in a way that it looks professional. And after doing all this you can start bidding on different projects and start making money.
Now if you do not have any skill so what you can do? Don’t worry as I promised that I will suggest you a platform where you can learn and master a skill for free. And you don’t need to pay anything for that.

Digiskills is an initiative of the Government of Pakistan offering with the collaboration of the Virtual University of Pakistan. The primary objective of introducing this program is to make Pakistani youth more skillful. So they can easily make their livelihood. It is free of cost platform where you can learn different scales to work online as a freelancer.
Some popular skills that you can learn from there are freelancing, SEO, digital marketing, graphic designing, WordPress development and more. To learn the skills, you have to enroll yourself on the website. And after that, you become eligible to enroll in any 2 courses at a time.
The duration of every course is 2 months. And you can Re and roll again in 2 other courses after that period. During the course, the registration process is being closed. And after the completion of the course, the registration process starts again. So it is a great opportunity to learn a skill for those guys who don’t have any skill at the moment.





Freelancing is the world’s topmost business model. And more and more people from all over the world are getting into the  freelancing every year. The demand of skilled persons is increasing day by day. So that’s why freelancing has a very bright future and people attatched to it can huge money in the upcoming years. So if you are looking to make a full-time income source then it is the right time to start your career in freelancing. Hope this will got the answer to the query about how to start freelancing in Pakistan.

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