How To Use Blogger To Create A Free Blog – Complete Guide

Are you interested in blogging and want to know how to use Blogger/Blogspot to create a free blog? And how can make money on Blogger blog? Then this tutorial is for you. Here I will guide you about how you can create your blog on Blogger platform for free and start making money. There are many platforms available where you can create a blog. But if you are just starting or don’t have enough money to buy a domain and web hosting, then Blogger might be a good choice.


We will use Blogger to create a blog. This tutorial is exclusively created for beginners who want to start their blogging journey. And don’t have any knowledge about starting a blog on blogger.


Blogger Overview


Blogger is a program launched by Google. The purpose behind creating this is to enable the publishers to publish their content online more conveniently and make it easier for readers to find out their relevant content easily. The good thing about Blogger is that it is a free platform where anybody can start blogging without paying anything. Blogger provides free of cost web hosting and a subdomain.


The most interesting thing is that if you write quality content then you can monetize your blog with Google AdSense. Which is another Google product designed for the advertisers to display their ads on different blogs. For that Google charge advertising fee from advertisers. And from this advertising fee, Google pays a proportion to the blog owners to provide ad space on their blogs. Which is a huge plus point for every blogger.


Blogger Features

  • It’s a free platform where you don’t have to pay anything to create your blog.
  • Blogger provides a free of cost hosting and a free subdomain which can be used to build a blog.
  • Blogger provides an SSL certificate for free whereas other blogging platforms charges for that.
  • It is an easy to use blogging platform which allows customizing the look and design of the blog.
  • Blogger allows publishers to connect their blogs to a custom domain free of cost. Whereas other platforms charge money for that.


How To Use Blogger To Create A New Blog

So let’s begin and learn how to create a blog. For that please follow the below steps.
Step 1: Open a web browser from your computer or mobile. And then search for Blogger. Or directly open official website.
Step 2: The interface of the Blogger website will quite similar to the below image. So here you need to click on “Start Your Blog” button.
How To Use Blogger To Create A Free Blog - Complete Guide
Step 3: Now the Google sign-in page will appear in front of you. So if you have a Google account then sign in otherwise you can create a new account by clicking create a new account link.
Step 4: So when you sign in to your account, a page will appear where you have to choose your display name on Blogger (which will appear underneath every blog post). So after entering your display name click the button “Continue To Blogger”.
Step 5: Now the Blogger dashboard will be open. And here you need to click on create new blog link from the drop-down arrow from the left navigation.
Step 6: Now the new blog creation pop up window will be opened. Where you need to give a title and set the URL of your blog. Then you need to choose any pre-built template from the Blogger default templates (which you can change later). After that, you have to click
Step 7: After filling out all the information you need to click the Create Blog button to create your blog.
How To Use Blogger To Create A Free Blog - Complete Guide
And that’s it! Your brand new Blogger blog has been created and you are good to go now.


Important Blogger Settings

Your blog has been created but you need to make some important settings before start publishing blog posts. So let’s look at some of the settings that you need to manage.
From the left navigation click on the “Settings” link. After that, some more sub-links will appear.
Firstly, you need to select Basic under the main settings tab. On the basic settings page, you need to click the edit link in front of Description. And here you need to add your blog description or tag line. Under that take a look at the blog privacy section. Make sure that your blog is visible to the public and the search engines.
After that scroll the page a little down and confirm that the HTTPS (SSL certificate) is enabled. If it is not then you need to turn it on.
Next up click the posts, comments, and sharing (under settings tab) link from the left navigation. Here you can control who can comment on your blog post and either the comments will be published immediately or the need to be moderated before publishing.
Next, you can choose the language of your blog by clicking on the language and formatting from the left navigation.
The next and the most important setting that you need to adjust is in the Search Preferences section. Here on this page, you need to enable the meta description. So for that click the edit link in front of description under meta tags. And enable it and add your meta description and keywords in the box and hit the save button.
Now scroll the page and enable custom robots.txt also. Which you can generate from different sites by searching in the Google or you can find custom robots.txt by adding robots.txt at the end of your blog address (
The next and the most important settings that you need to adjust on this page are custom header tags. So for that adjust the settings exactly as shown in the below image. And then press the save button.
How To Use Blogger To Create A Free Blog - Complete Guide
Finally, click the save button at the top right of the page also to save all of your settings.
Next, if you want to track your blog’s traffic using Google Analytics then you can add the analytics tracking id by clicking on the “Other” link from the left navigation.
So that’s all for the Blogger settings. Now your blog is fully ready.


How To Make Money Wth Your Blog

There are many ways to monetize your blog. The most popular methods are through AdSense and the other one is affiliate marketing. Many bloggers tend to go after the AdSense, but others prefer affiliate marketing. Both of these have their own advantages. So it’s all depend upon you that which method you want to implement. You can read about more about monetizing methods HERE.


There is indeed very high competition in blogging these days. But still, if you are motivated enough and write quality content then you can also grow yourself as a successful blogger. And remember it’s your starting point, but you can take your blogging passion to the next level. For beginners, Blogger is the first choice blogging medium to start blogging. So if you are interested in building your own blog then don’t wait for the right time because every time is right. You just need to take the initiative.  Hope this guide on how to use Blogger to create a free blog will help you a lot.

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