How To Write SEO Friendly Article? Content Writing Tips

SEO optimized articles have the ability to rank on the first page of Google. And having SEO friendly content can help a blog or website to rank higher in search results. So today we are going to talk about how to write SEO friendly article or to make your existing content optimized. Content Optimization is one of the major components of on-page SEO. So if you want to learn all this then stick on this page to learn working content Optimization techniques.


The content of a blog or website plays a vital role in its ranking. That’s why it’s always recommended to have a content or blog section on every website.  whether it is a business or an eCommerce website, content optimization is very important. Not only that content has a big contribution towards website ranking but it also helps to generate tons of traffic for free.


Why content Optimization

Optimized content always ranks higher in search results. Which not only brings traffic but also gives a boost to page and domain authority. So when everybody is trying to get the first spot on Google, it becomes more important to have SEO friendly content. And it can only be possible to rank on the first page of Google when you have  SEO optimized content on your blog or website.

How To Write SEO Friendly Article (Content Writing Tips)

To make an article  SEO friendly and optimized, we need to take into consideration some important parameters. And only after implementing these we can rank an article on Google. So here I am providing you some of the most important on-page SEO techniques. And I am pretty sure that if you implement these content optimization strategies on your blog or website, you can ceetainly rank your content. So let’s discuss these content optimization strategies one by one.

Unique Content

Google has made it very clear through its guidelines that  only unique content can be ranked higher. Days have gone when people copy content from here & there to include in their articles. Google has developed very strict policies to tackle the Plagiarism issue. And by the way, high quality and unique content can only outperform top-rated articles. So instead of wasting your time in hijacking others content, always make sure to write using your mind and knowledge. And remember, only this content will worthwhile for your blog and website.

Content Length

According to the new Google updates, content length becomes very critical in the ranking. Articles with the most number of words count rank on the top positions. For example, if an article is ranking in the first place and it has 3000 words. You can only outperform that article by providing more than 3000 words in your article. So make sure to write long and in-depth articles for better search visibility and ranking.

Keywords Placement

Another strategy to optimize your content is to include keywords in your article. And also place these keywords in different sections of the article. A good SEO practice is to use the primary keyword in the title, meta description, URL, first paragraph of article, subheadings and at the bottom. Also use related words and phrases in the content. This will optimize your content for SEO.

Internal Linking

Internal linking is also a very important ranking factor for blogs and websites. The objective behind adding internal links is to provide better user experience and usability to visitors. And by the way, Google takes user experience very seriously. Hence it is being recommended for publishers to include internal links in the article. By adding internal links in your article you can better serve your visitors. And it will also help to improve SEO. So make sure to include related content in articles to engage your visitors.


Proper format of your article is also very important for better SEO. Adding different heading tags,  paragraphs,  bullet points,  numbering, and other formatting options not only make the content more attractive. But it also helps to make an article SEO ready.  So format your article properly. Also consider using H2 and H3 heading tags at least to optimize your articles. The heading tags should be used in a hierarchy.

Add Media

Adding different media types like images, videos and infographics are very important in on-page SEO. By using them in your article you can grab the attention of the visitors. And they give a big boost to optimize content. So always use some images, videos or both in your article. Always try to create your thumbnails for your articles. Instead getting them from Google. Because most of the images on Google are copyrighted protected.  And by using them you can get a copyright strike.
How To Write SEO Friendly Article? Content Writing Tips


Content Quality

As I told you earlier that the quality of content matters a lot in SEO. So always try to provide high quality and valuable piece of information through your content. Rather focusing on quantity always focus on its quality. Because it will be more worthwhile and beneficial for your blog or website. And Google will rank it higher in search results. A good practice here can be to produce a content that is not being explored before.

External Linking

Like internal links, external links are also a very critical factor in on-page SEO. And Google gives it much importance and recommend to have external links in blog posts. So it is always a good option to include as many external resources. Because it helps to improve SEO. And when Google bots crawl and find that particular blog post is linking to other higher authority sites, it transfers a proportion of authority to that blog/website. Which ultimately help it to rank.

Spelling & Grammatical Errors

By minimizing spelling and grammatical mistakes, you can make an article SEO friendly and optimized. Articles having these basic mistakes cannot rank higher. So make sure to identify and fix these issues before publishing content. You can use some free tools like Grammarly and to fix spelling and grammatical mistakes.

Keyword Density

Be aware of keyword density while placing keywords in the article.  The keyword density is about how many times you repeat a certain keyword in that particular article. The recommended keyword density level is between 1-3 percent of total words count. For example, if you write an article of 1000 words you can only repeat a particular keyword less than 10 times. Otherwise, it will be considered as keyword stuffing and Google can
penalize your website.


Readability is also considered very important in on-page SEO. So make sure to write the article in a way that it is easy to understand and digest. Another good practice here can be to write short sentences in small paragraphs. There is a tool called Hemingway editor that can help you to improve credibility. And by improving the readability level you can boost overall on-page SEO.

Images Optimization

Only adding images is not enough. You also need to make them optimized. To make images optimized always include the ALT attribute in them. The size of the images has a direct impact on page load time. Which is considered very important in Search Engine Optimization. So it is recommended to compress images before uploading to your website.

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Bottom Line

You may hear a popular phrase “content is king”. And by treating it as a king, you can boost your on-page SEO and rankings. So this is all from today’s tutorial on how to write SEO friendly article. If you find it helpful then please share it on your social media profiles and friends.

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