Make Money With ClickBank And YouTube – Exact Process

Today here I am going to walk you through the exact process on how to make money with ClickBank and YouTube. Although many people are striving to make money online. But they don’t know the exact method or platform where they can start. Most importantly, they also don’t know which site is trusted & legitimate and which is a scam. Which makes it more difficult for them to start their online journey. So if you are a beginner and don’t know where to start, then this tutorial is for you.
We will learn how we can make money online with Affiliate Marketing. I will share the exact strategy that will help you to generate your very first income online. But before starting, I want to give you a quick overview of what you are going to learn in this tutorial. So in this strategy, we will use ClickBank and YouTube. we will pick a product from ClickBank and then promote it on YouTube to generate sales. So let’s get started!

About ClickBank

ClickBank is one of the biggest affiliate networks. Which provides tons of products that can be promoted. The great thing about ClickBank is the commission rate that is far more than other affiliate programs. Here you can earn up to 70% or even more on every sale. It is also a little different affiliate program from others in a way that all the products available here are digital.

Make Money With ClickBank And youTube

So let’s discuss the exact process we are going to use to make money using ClickBank and YouTube.

Account Registration

The very first step is to create a free account on ClickBank. So for that go to the ClickBank’s official website and click on “Create Account” link to create your account.
It will open a registration form where you have to put your information. Make sure to provide correct and accurate information so you don’t have to face any difficulty in the future. There you also have to provide payment information to receive your payments. So fill out all the details carefully.

Category Selection

After creating your account on ClickBank, the next step is to select a niche or category. There are many categories available on ClickBank from which you can pick one according to your interest or choice. Some of the most popular categories are Health & Fitness, E-Business & E-Marketing, Food, Wine & Cooking, and Games. You can explore all the categories by clicking affiliate Marketplace in ClickBank’s site. So here you need to brainstorm a little and do a little research to find out a perfect category. Or you can choose one of the above-mentioned categories.
After selecting the category, the nest and the most important step is to find a product in that category.

Finding The Right Product

You came a long way forward from the starting point. and now you are just a few steps away to start making money. The product selection is very critical and here you need to be very careful while selecting a product. Because it will decide either you become successful or not.
To find out the product to promote go to the affiliate marketplace page of ClickBank. Then simply put your targeted keyword in the search box at the top of the page or select a category from the left sidebar. Under every product, there are some mattresses that you need to understand while selecting a product.
Initial $/Sale= This represents the amount that will be charged on placing an order.
Avg %/Sale= This reflects the commission percentage that affiliates will earn on the first sale
Avg Rebill Total= This is the amount that will be charged from the buyer on a rebill.
Avg %/Rebill= This is the percentage that affiliates will earn on a rebill.
Gravity= It refers to how many times a product sold in the past 30 days.
Here are some common practices used to find a product that has the potential of being sold:
Sort the products on Gravity basis to bring all the hot-selling products at the top.
Choose a product that has gravity between 30-60. High gravity means more competition. So you have to pick a product that has relatively low or medium competition.
Choose a product that has a price preferably between $30-$60. Because they can sell more conveniently.
So when you are done with your product selection, the next step is to get the affiliate link by clicking the promote button in front of that product. Then copy that link in a safe place for future use.

Promotional Method

After getting aff8liate link, you have to drive traffic towards that affiliate offer. There are two methods that you can use to promote that affiliate offer.

Direct Linking

Direct Linking is a strategy where we send traffic directly to the sales page of that affiliate product. There are both chances that either a visitor buys that product or simply do not buy. In direct linking, we cannot track the visitors.

Using A Landing Page

This is a method where we send traffic to a landing page instead of sending them directly to the offer page. These landing pages are very useful to grab the emails of the visitors. Which can be used in an email marketing campaign. Another advantage of using a landing page is that here we have all the tracking info that is much needed to evaluate promotional strategy. There are many landing page builder tools available that you can use to create your landing page.
To promote products on YouTube, there can be 2  scenarios. 1st you have a YouTube channel where you can create a video and put the affiliate links in the video description area. 2nd can be one where you don’t have any YouTube channel. So in this case you can still promote affiliate products using the commenting section. To find your target audience,  you can search for those  videos that are relevant to your product category. For example, if you are promoting a product that is related to make money online, search for the videos that are on make money online. Then open these videos one by one and post a comment on that video. And paste the affiliate or landing page URL there. Make sure to comment that looks natural and relevant to that video as well. And remember do not spam otherwise your account will be blocked.
Note: Before putting your affiliate or landing page URL, make sure to shorten it using some free URL shortener.

Withdrawal Process

When you were able to generate some sales and have some commission in your ClickBank account. Then you can withdraw it using one of these methods.

Bank Transfer

Direct or bank deposit is available in top tier countries only. Where you can send your money directly to your bank account.

By Cheque

If you are from a country like Pakistan, the only option you can use to withdraw your earnings is by cheque. The minimum withdrawal limit is $20. But I would recommend you to withdraw your earnings only when you have at least $100 in your account. Because in Pakistan we have to pay a moderate amount of fee to clear that cheque.
✔✔ Good News✔✔
Those people who have the Payoneer Master Card can transfer their earnings in it. Which allow to redeem money by using their ATM card anywhere in Pakistan.


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Hopefully, this tutorial will help you to generate your first commission on ClickBank. And you should be able to make some money online. So that’s how to make money with ClickBank and YouTube. If you like the tutorial then share it with your family, friends and on social media channels. So more people can benefit using this method.

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