A Secret Strategy of Making Money On ClickBank For Free

Today here in this article, I am going to share a free but very effective method of making money on ClickBank. And how you can promote ClickBank products without spending anything. This method is about how to make make money with ClickBank without a website. It is quite simple and straightforward. So if you’re looking to earn passive income through affiliate marketing, then this method can work for you.

Most of you guys should already familiar with ClickBank and know how it works. But in a case, you don’t know much then don’t worry. Because I will guide you with everything. You only need to have a computer or laptop and an internet connection. And you are good to go with this method.



Let’s talk about the prerequisites for this method to work. First thing is that you must have a ClickBank account. But if you don’t have already then you can create one by visiting ClickBank’s official website. You can find many tutorials on YouTube on how to create and setup ClickBank account. So go ahead and create one to continue with this method. The second thing that is required in this method is to has an account on the thefreeadforum website. If you don’t have then don’t worry I will explain how to create one later.



ClickBank is one of the largest affiliate marketing platforms. And you can make a passive income by promoting their products. Although they only provide digital products, yet it is the top popular among many super affiliates. ClickBank is so lucrative because of its commission percentage. Offers up to 70-80% commission on every sale.



This website is a classified ad network. Which allows it’s users to create and publish free advertisements. The big plus point of this website and the reason for choosing this site is the number of traffic it gets each day. You might be amazed to to see how many people visits this platform everyday. Millions of people from all over the world visits this website regularly. Which brings a great opportunity to convert them into leads and sales.


Process Of Making Money On Clickbank

OK so let’s get started with this method. I assume that you already have a Clickbank account. But if not then create one. Next follow along this step by step guide to create a free account on thefreeadforum.com. So to create your free account visit this website:


Then fill out the registration form to create a free account there. The signup process is fairly simple. You just need to enter your name, email address, and password. After registration, they will send an activation email to your inbox. So go ahead and activate your newly created account. Now you should be logged into your account.


Selecting A Product

The next step in the process is to pick a product to promote. So for that log into your ClickBank account and go to the marketplace section. Here you need to search for some hot selling products. You can adjust the filters around to narrow down the search. If you don’t know how to choose a perfect product in ClickBank, then you can check out this tutorial on how to pick top selling products on ClickBank.

After selecting a product on ClickBank, you need to grab the hoplink and save it for use.


Ad Creation

So you choose your desired product and grab its affiliate link. Now let’s start with the ad creation process. So come back to the thefreeadforum.com website and click the “Publish your ad for free” button at the top of the page. It will bring you to the ad creation page. First, choose a category that is relevant to your product. After that enter an eye-catching and interesting title. It is very important to write your ad title in a way that it attracts more and more people to click on it to find out more information. The title should be relevant to the product that you choose to promote.

Next up add the description of your ad. So add some information about the product in the box. You are also required to add your affiliate link inside the description box. But make sure to shorten your affiliate links before adding it there.

Note: You can collect the product title and description by visiting the product landing page and affiliate resources pages as well.

Then you can display the product price. But it is not mandatory and you can skip it as well. But I would recommend you to not add product price there. You can also target a specific country where you want to show this advertisement. By the way, it is a nice option to use for most affiliates. So select your targeted country, region, and city to narrow down your target audience. To configure the settings according to your needs and hit the publish button.

So congratulation on publishing your first ad. And now you can monitor the traffic to your affiliate offer or product.


Traffic Driving Strategies

There are more basically two methods of driving traffic to your affiliate product.


Direct Linking

This method is about driving traffic directly to your affiliate product. The advantage of this method is that you don’t need to have a squeeze or landing page. And the disadvantage of this method is that some times it works and sometimes not.


Using A Landing page

This method works better than direct linking. And it has certain advantages over direct linking. Using this method you first direct traffic to a landing page. Where you can grab the email addresses. And after that, the traffic will be redirected to the product page. Which you can use for email marketing campaigns. There are multiple landing page builder websites available online both paid and free. That you can utilize for that purpose. Another advantage of using this method is that you can track the campaigns.

So use whatever strategy you want to drive targeted traffic. But if you want me to suggest then surely I will go with the second option.


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You can use this exact strategy of making money on ClickBank to earn a handsome amount of passive income through affiliate marketing. And the good this is that you don’t have to pay anything to get highly converted traffic. So if you’re serious about making money online and building a permanent income stream then you should try and check out this method.

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