Best Ways to Generate Passive Income on Amazon

Hello friends in this article I am going to share the best ways to make passive income on Amazon. I will explain how you can start making money right from your home. Some one from you may familiar with one of these methods. But don’t know exactly where to start. That’s why i will also explain how you can start with these methods. So if you’re interested to find out these methods then keep reading. Although there are countless methods to make money from Amazon. But I will mention only those methods which are beginners friendly easy to use.


About Amazon

Amazon is the world’s biggest e-commerce website. Which operates worldwide in every continent. Having a large product collections in every category. Millions of people visit their website to buy products. Along with that it is also a big income source for individuals either selling product or participating in different Amazon’s programs like Amazon Merch, FBA and Amazon Associates. So if you’re looking to generate some passive income then it should be a very good platform.


Make Passive Income On Amazon (Methods)

So let’s discuss some of the most popular methods of earning money from Amazon. Please note some of these methods do require investing money and some are absolutely free. Where you can start right now without any hesitation. So let’s begin with the very first method of generating passive income through Amazon.


Amazon FBA

This is a program designed for sellers where they can sell their products and generate profits.This is a quite popular method to earn very good profits. This method is good in a way that you don’t need to store and ship these products. Instead, Amazon will take all of these responsibilities on their shoulders to store, ship and take care of all customer service related matters.


All you need is to send your products to your nearest Amazon fulfillment center and that’s it. And Amazon will store your products. And whenever someone purchases your products, you will make profits. But remember you need to pay some charges to Amazon for storing your products to their warehouses. This method is very useful for those who have their own business. This program allows you to expand your income sources.


How Much You Can Earn From Amazon FBA

The earning potential is very vast. Because if your products start selling. They will generate a very high volume of earnings. And by the way all the profit that you generate here will go into your pocket. So you can calculate how much you will earn on every single sale.


Getting Started with Amazon FBA

The starting process is quite simple. First you need to create an Amazon seller account. And then Next choose the products you want to sell and package them according to the Amazon’s guidelines. Finally, send your products to your nearest Amazon fulfillment center or warehouse. And that’s it. Now Amazon will take care of all other things. You just need to sit and monitor sales.



Amazon Associates

The next method you can make money through Amazon is Amazon’s Associates program. Where you don’t need any investment to start earning money. But you do require to have some kind of website or blog. Where you can promote Amazon’s products. So if you have a blog or website with a lot of traffic. Then you can easily convert it into leads and sales. And that’s how you can generate a very good amount if income. The best thing of Amazon’s associates program is that they offer many tools. That allow you to import products on your site.


How Much You Can Earn From Amazon’s Associates Program

Believe me or not, affiliate marketing is become a full-time business. I personally know some individuals who are generating thousands of dollars from Amazon affiliate program. The percentage of commission that you will earn on every sale may vary between 5-10%. There re some many individuals from all over the world are generating a huge amount of earnings through this. And you can also become one of those. All you need is to step forward.


How To Join Amazon’s Affiliate Program.

To join Amazon associates/affiliate program, you need to register an account on Amazon. And with that account you can join their affiliate program. So if you already have an Amazon account then well and good. Otherwise, go to their associate program to create one.


After registering an account, you are good to promote their products. Remember that you have to product 3 sales withing 180 days to get a permanent slot in their affiliate program. Otherwise, if you could not generate 3 sales, they will close your account, But nevertheless, you can create one new with a different email address.


Amazon Influencer

This is actually a part of Amazon associates. The only difference here is that Amazon itself provides you a landing page free of cost where you can drive traffic. And whenever someone buys a product on that particular page, you will able to generate sales and revenue. This is a really amazing program which allows you to earn a very good amount of earnings without having your own website like on Amazon associates. So if you are one who become eligible to join Amazon influencer program, you will generate passive income. All you need to drive traffic towards that page.


How Much You Can Earn Through Amazon Influencer

The earning potential is very great like in affiliate program. So if you have a large fan following on different social media platforms. Then you can easily convert them into sales to generate profits. Amazon influencer is a relatively new program and it has a great potential. You can easily generate thousands of dollars each month with Amazon influencer program.


How To Join Amazon Influencer Program.

Amazon has some restrictions or requirements to participate in this program. But if you have good amount of followers on Facebook. Twitter, Instagram or other social media platforms. Then you can become a part of this program easily. Visit Amazon’s influencer program page to join it


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So these are some of the best methods to build an income stream from Amazon. If you want to earn some extra revenue then one of the above mentioned methods should work for you. So if you’re ready to start then what are you waiting for. All you need to have a laptop and an internet connection to start earning from most of these methods to earn passive income on Amazon..

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