Working Method to Create PayPal Account In Pakistan

Does PayPal in Pakistan offer their services? If not then how we can use it here. If you want to know more then stay here because I will explain all the things that you need to know about PayPal. PayPal is the no.1 payment processor company in the world. And it is available almost everywhere. But there’re few countries where it doesn’t provide their services. Unfortunately, Pakistan is one of those countries. Where we don’t have this facility.

PayPal is used to send or receive money throughout the world. It is really useful for people who are working online or doing their E-commerce businesses. PayPal is the single most popular payment method that is accepted everywhere. Which makes it a must-have service for everyone. All big companies around the world support PayPal.
So that’s why it becomes necessary for entrepreneurs, freelancers, businessmen, etc. So if you’re working online from Pakistan, then you might already know the importance of having a PayPal account. Because it doesn’t support Pakistan, that’s why it is quite difficult to use it. But never the less there are some ways to create and use PayPal in Pakistan. And here I am going to explain to you the exact process to create a PayPal account.



PayPal In Pakistan

The Government officials stated a few days back that they are working on to bring PayPal and other big e-commerce companies to Pakistan. But nobody still knows exactly when they were succeeded. The problem of digital payments may persist in the future also or it will be resolved. We will be able to find out within a few months. But we should remain hopeful and expect better results. Meanwhile, you can use this method to create and use PayPal in Pakistan. Because PayPal is accepted worldwide, so it’s a good service to have.


PayPal Advantages


  • Send or receive money anywhere in the world
  • Shop online and pay with PayPal
  • Withdraw money from online workplaces or freelance marketplaces
  • Collect payments on E-commerce websites

How To Create PayPal Account In Pakistan

There are more than one methods to create PayPal account in Pakistan. So let’s discuss them one by one.


First Method


Please follow the below step by step guidelines to create a new PayPal account.
Step 1=> Open the URL in the browser.
You can only create a PayPal account using your Pakistan address and phone number by using this URL. After clicking on the signup link at the top right.
Step 2=> On the next screen it will ask you either you want to buy with PayPal or receive payments with PayPal. Because we want to get payments, so select the option to receive payments with PayPal and press the next button.


PayPal in Pakistan - 100% Working Method to Create PayPal Account
Step 3=> Next up you need to add your email address, specify a password and provide other information including, your first and last name, .phone number address, country, city, zip code, etc.
Remember to provide your real name as mentioned on your national ID card. You should also need to select Pakistan as your country and provide the real mobile number. After adding all the required information click the checkmark to agree with their terms and conditions and press the “Agree and Continue: button to proceed.
Note: If it says that the zip code isn’t correct then use “1015” as zip code.
Step 4=> On the next page they will ask about your business type. Select individual and enter business type like educational, health or whatever you prefer. And click the continue button.
PayPal in Pakistan - 100% Working Method to Create PayPal Account
Step 5=> On the next page you need to mention your nationality. In this case, you need to enter Pakistan. Then select Identity document from the drop-down. And then add your national ID card number in the next box. After that check, the home address is the same as business address and press the submit button.


PayPal in Pakistan - 100% Working Method to Create PayPal Account

Finally, your account has been created and now you need to verify your email address. So check your inbox to locate email received from PayPal and click the confirmation link. You will be asked to provide your password when verifying the email. So provide your password that you created earlier at the time of registration.

And that’s all, you are done and you can use your newly created PayPal account to send or receive money.


Second Method

This method is more about using PayPal rather creating it. And for this you need to have someone from your family or close friends living in any country where PayPal is allowed. For instance if your friend or family member working in Saudi Arabia or Arab Emirates, you can request them to create a PayPal account there. Which you can use in Pakistan easily. And it is 100% secure and working. That’s how you can use PayPal in Pakistan without any issue.



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PayPal account is mandatory for all those who are working online or having their businesses online. It is an all-in-one solution for everyone. So you should create an account on PayPal to get your money right into your hands. Hopefully this method also work for you to get PayPal in Pakistan.

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