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Writing quality content takes a lot of effort and time. That’s why its important to keep it safe. But how you can prevent content theft in Blogger? Because there are not many options available there. But still, there is a way to keep your content safe. In this article, you’re going to learn exactly this. So if you have a blog on Blogger and want to secure your content then keep reading this article.


Unique content becomes very important for bloggers and content producers. Because Google takes it very seriously and it takes appropriate measures from time to time to ensure that. Google ranks only high quality, unique and valuable content on the top spots. That’s why it becomes very critical especially for bloggers to maintain unique content. But only writing unique content is not enough these days. You have to protect it from spammers. Because it can hurt your blog’s rankings and ratings.


Importance Of Unique Content

Google has introduced very strict policies regarding content creation. Which was not very hard in the past. Now only those blogs and websites can rank on the first page of Google search which has unique and quality content. It’s never been possible to rank duplicated content. Methods like rewriting, translations and duplication are no more accepted. So if you want to rank your blog or website higher in search results. Then you should concentrate on protecting your content from being theft.


Benefits Of Having Unique Content

Although there are countless benefits of unique content. But these are some of the most visible benefits of having unique content on your blog.


Higher Ranking

One of the biggest benefits of having unique content is better to search engine rankings. As I told you earlier that Google now only considers unique and quality content to rank. Which is what every blogger is striving for. And it can only be possible when you post valuable and unique content.


Better Visibility

Another benefit of unique content is that it will help to gain more attention. Because it will rank higher in search results so it will attract more visitors. Which will boost your blog’s traffic. Which can result in more conversions and leads?


More Conversions

As blogs having quality and unique content tend to rank higher in search results. Which will boost the traffic a lot. This brings an opportunity to convert them into leads and sales and more revenue. Depending upon the method you use to generate revenue. Which can either be Google AdSense, affiliate marketing, etc.


Better Engagement

Unique content also helps to engage your blog audience. Because everyone likes to explore the latest and up to dated content. And when you publish high quality and engaging content, they will stay for a longer time. Which will help to increase user experience and click-through rate.


Increased Domain Authority

As your blog starts to rank higher in search results, Google will start giving it value. Which can increase domain authority (DA). Which is one of the most important ranking factor.


How To Prevent Content Theft In Blogger

So let’s take a look at what measures you can take to protect your content on Blogger. To protect your blog content on blogger, you need to disable two functions. And these two functions are text selection and right-click. So let’s see how to disable both of these one by one.


How To Disable Text Selection


To disable the copy/paste or text selection please follow the below steps carefully.

Step 1: Log in to your Blogger account and select the blog where you want to disable copy-paste function.

Step 2: From the left navigation click on “Theme” and then click on the Edit HTML button.

Note: Make sure to backup your theme before making any changes.





Step 3: Now click inside the coding area and press CLTR+F keys simultaneously.

Step 4: This will open a search box inside the coding area. Now enter </body> inside the search box and press “Enter” from keyboard.

Step 5: This will highlight the </body> tag. Now simply click on the below link and copy the code and then paste it just above the </body> tag.





Step 6. Finally, press the “Save Theme” button at the top to save the changes.




That’s it you have successfully disabled the text selection function. But you still need to disable the right click to fully protect your content.


How To Disable Right Click In Blogger


So let’s see how you can disable the right-click function in Blogger. For that please follow the below instructions. So let’s get started.

Step 1. Log into your blogger account and select the blog where you want to disable the right-click function.

Step 2. From the left navigation select the “Theme” option and click on edit HTML link once again.

Step 3. Open the search box in the coding area by pressing CTR+_F keys. And search for the closing body tag </body> again.

Step 4. Then simply grab the code by going to the below link and past it above the closing body </body> tag. After that click on the save theme button to finish.




That’s all now you have disabled right-click as well. And now your blog content is fully secured. Because it couldn’t be copied anymore. And now you can fully concentrate on producing content instead of focusing on other issues.


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Bottom Link

If you implement these strategies on your blogger blog, it will surely help. Because duplicated content not only hurt your blog but also badly affect its rankings in search results. So that all from this tutorial on how to prevent content theft in Blogger. Hopefully, you will like it and benefit from this. If you have any questions, you can ask it in the comments section. Thanks for staying on this page and best of luck.

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