Top 5 Weird Ways To Make Money Online From Home

Making money online is always a charm for most of the individuals. Especially for those who want to use their spare time to earn some extra cash. And they are looking for some methods to earn money online. Here I will provide you the top 5 weird ways to make money Online.  More and more businesses are increasing their online presence to attract more customers. Hense creating more job opportunities as well. Which bring great opportunities for those who want to work online part-time or full time.


Many unconventional money-making methods are knocking the doors in 2019. Although some traditional methods are still working, they are already crowded. Which makes them a little difficult for newbies to get started. So here we will explore some of the newer and untapped earning methods. From which you can generate some cash to pay utility bills or other expenses. So without any further delay let’s discuss these methods one by one.


Top 5 Weird Ways To Make Money Online

Here are the 5 methods to make money online while staying at the comfort of your home. So let’s check them one by one.

Website Testing

Every business needs a website to expand their customers. And they hire someone to create their website, design it, test it and finally launch it. Which brings multi-dimensional job opportunities for skilled individuals. But there is a job (website testing) that doesn’t require any skill or experience. And everyone who has a laptop/computer and internet connection can do it. Many websites offer website testing jobs. But the one we will look at is


The process is quite simple and easy. To become a website tester, you need to register yourself on After registration, you need to install their software on your PC. You will be guided on how to use the software. Before starting you will be asked to submit a demo test. Once they approve your demo test, you will start receiving projects. Every single website test can earn you up to $10 or more depending on the nature of work. Which you can then withdraw to your PayPal or bank account.

Join UserTesting

user testing


App Testing

Likewise websites, apps are also very viral these days. All companies have set up their apps to facilitate customers. And it becomes an essential step for all businesses to develop their app. I am sharing with you one good way to achieve your desire to make money online through app testing. It doesn’t require any kind of prior experience or any skill to get started. Which makes it a great opportunity for those who want to earn some extra cash working online as an app tester.
There is a web platform AppCoiner that brings both apps develops and you (app tester) under one roof. They will bring you the different  app testing projects. And that’s how you will be making money there by  reviewing an Android or iPhone app. This website charges a one-time joining fee, which is more of a maintenance fee. But it shouldn’t be a problem at all as you get to make your money back after testing few apps.

You can earn as much as you desire (depends upon how much time you spend). But if somehow you’re not fully satisfied they also have a refund policy that lasts up to 60 days. In my opinion, it is a great site to make some extra income as a mobile app tester.

ClJoin AppCoiner Hete



Get Paid For Your Opinion

Due to the expansion of businesses and brands market testing is become a very important factor. Many companies perform different types of customer service to assess the validity of products. although it is a little old method to earn money online but believe me it is growing day after day. That presents a great opportunity to earn some extra cash by sharing your opinion about these products. There are many big names in the marketplace where you can get paid for your opinion.
Do you ever imagine that you can make money from YouTube without creating your videos, no skill or experience required? Hmm looking quite interesting? And I am sure that you are unfamiliar with the method that I am talking about. But believe me, in the 21st century it is possible. Perhaps using this exact method anybody can make a good amount of money from YouTube.


Many YouTubers are generating a huge amount of profits using this exact method. In this method you don’t need to create your videos, instead, you will use certain types of videos from the YouTube depository. There is a website known as YouTubesecrets doing a fantastic job to train newbies. And helping them to start their new YouTube channel.

By providing them step by step training on how to get started and start making passive income every month. This website is almost free to join (only charges $1) the first time. But surely it worth a lot more than that. And they are doing a great job to develop future leaders.

Join YouTubesecrets Official Site Here



Make Money Online Playing Games

Make money online playing games os another weird method to earn extra cash. And there are many job opportunities for video game developers. Which require much programming knowledge. But there is another opportunity arises within a couple of years. Yes, that is game testing jobs. Likewise, app testing game developers hire game testers to give it a go though. And by the way, game testing doesn’t require any special skill. Perhaps every person who likes to play video games and has some knowledge about basic things can make money by it.


Although it requires some time to go through a video game and pass on your opinion about it. The process is also very simple here as well. you need to join some platforms to start game testing right away. There is a platform  Gamingjobsonline whoch offers video game tester jobs. This website works as a bridge between game developers and testers. So if you love playing games, then surely it can be a great opportunity to take your passion to the next level. Although they charge a one-time registration fee. But it doesn’t matter because you will het your monry back within few days after testing some games. And start making a lot more profit right after starting your video game testing job.

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Surely, these sites will help you to earn a handsome amount of money. And by using these 5 weird ways to make money  you will be able to generate huge profits in 2019.

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