What Is Domain Authority (DA) And How To Increase It?

What is domain authority (DA)? How to increase domain authority and does it has an impact on a website’s ranking or not? If you’re a blogger or website admin, then you might hear about this term a lot. So here in this article, I am going to explain exactly what is domain authority (DA) and does it has any impact on website ranking. Afterward, I will also tell how to increase domain authority (DA). So if you want to learn all this then keep on reading.

Before going into details I would like to explain you a little about what is domain authority and how it is being calculated. So you should have some understanding of it. Then implement a roadmap to boost domain authority.


What Is Domain Authority (DA)

Domain authority or DA is a measurement score to predict the ability of a website’s ranking in search results. Domain authority (DA) was introduced by MOZ (leading SEO tools and resources company). The domain authority score ranges from 0 to 100. Higher score means a higher ranking in search engines.

How Does Domain Authority Calculated

Many different factors add to domain authority. But domain authority (DA) is pretty much based upon the number of backlinks a website have from other websites. A large number of quality, high DA and relevant backlinks can have a strong impact on domain authority (DA) and websites ranking.


Does Domain Authority Have An Impact On SEO

It looks like domain authority (DA) does not have a direct impact on SEO. Because Google itself also doesn’t recognize this term and stated there is no such score or matrix to measure the ability of a website’s rankings. But if we try to find the answer from experience and real-world examples, We came to know that domain authority (DA) do exist (no matter if Google denied it). Because websites with high domain authority (DA) always hold the top spots in the search results. So it is quite obvious that domain authority (DA) does have a strong impact on a website’s ranking and SEO.


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Domain (DA) Vs Page Authority (PA)

It is important to understand the difference between the domain authority vs page authority. Domain authority or DA is about a whole website. While page authority (PA) is related to a specific page on a website. And it can be different for every post and page. Domain authority has an overall impact on the whole website. Whereas, page authority or PA has an impact on a particular post and page rankings in the search results. As a good internet marketer, you should focus on improving both these matrices.


How To Check Domain Authority (DA)


There are many tools available online that allows to check domain authority free e. But one free and most popular tool to check domain authority is MOZ toolbar extension for Chrome browser. It is also developed by the MOZ.


Benefits OF High Domain Authority (DA)


What is domain authority

These are some of the benefits that are associated with high domain authority.


Higher Ranking

The biggest and the most visible benefit of high domain authority (DA) is higher rankings in search results. Domain authority is somewhat like power, High domain authority means greater power or influence. Which allows you to rank at the top of search results.


Higher Traffic

Better rankings in search engines will drive more traffic. Which is another added advantage of having high domain authority (DA). Because the audience is like a goldmine for every website. And websites use them to generate revenue from their sites.


Greater Influence

Google starts giving value to high DA sites and it instantly ranks them on the top positions. This means websites with high domain authority don’t require much SEO efforts. Because high DA PA sites already on the top positions.


Better Engagement

Another benefit of having high domain authority is the greater influence in a niche. This attracts more and more people willing to write guest posts for your blog. It is also been observed that top blogs do have better engagement with their audience.


Greater Revenue

High domain authority also leads to generate a large amount of revenue. Because the websites not only making a healthy amount of income through different monetization programs, but it can attract more advertisers to promote their products or services on your site.


How To Increase Domain Authority (DA)


A question that has been asked a lot is about how to increase the DA or domain authority. And the simplest answer to this question is to build high DA, relevant and quality backlinks. Yes, it’s true backlinks can really boost domain authority. It’s important to note that we need to make backlinks both for the root domain and for the posts and pages as well.



For example, if someone wants to get a higher ranking for a specific post then they need to make backlinks for that particular post. Which is called the page authority (PA). But if you want to increase the domain authority (DA) then you need to make backlinks for the root domain. (example.com).

Backlinks are of two types. The first one is dofollow and the next one is the nofollow backlinks. Dofollow backlinks have more power than nofollow backlinks. And they really add on domain authority. But it is not a rational decision to make only do-follow backlinks. Because if you do this Google can penalize your site for spamming. Instead, you need to concentrate on both these to get the best results.


Checkout this tutorial on how to build high quality and relevant backlinks.


Bottom Line


After reading this article you should be able to understand what is domain authority, how to increase domain authority and how to check domain authority free.┬áIt is also being understood that domain authority is one of the most important factors in the ranking of a website. Although Google doesn’t recognize it it still has a strong impact. And we should concentrate to increase the domain authority by building high DA PA backlinks.

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