What Is Off Page SEO – Best Link Building Strategies

What is Off Page SEO or what is link building? And why it is so important for every blog or website. So if you want to know all the important information about Off Page SEO and link building, then this tutorial is designed especially for you. Here I will describe you all the necessary information that you need to know about Off Page SEO, the importance of Off Page SEO and which White Hat SEO techniques can be utilized to generate high-quality backlinks for your websites in 2019.

What Is Off Page SEO (Link Building)

Off Page SEO is also known as link building is a process of acquiring high quality and relevant backlinks from other authoritative websites to improve our blog or website ranking. It can be achieved by implementing a proper link building strategy, which we will discuss in this article as well. In a nutshell, it is to promote your blog or website using different techniques. On Page SEO it is also an integral part of overall SEO Strategy. And by combining both On Page and Off Page SEO, you can get the best results.

What Are The Backlinks?

According to Neil Patel (one of the leading SEO expert), Backlinks are the links that are pointing towards your blog or website. In simple terms, these are your blog or website links that other websites mentioned in their content. There are two types of backlinks no-follow and do-follow. Do follow backlinks are more powerful than no-follow backlinks. But both types of backlinks are important in SEO. More backlinks equal higher rankings in search results.

Importance Of Backlinks

Backlinks or link building is very important because it determines the ranking of a blog or website. Websites having more backlinks ranked higher than those who don’t have any. Google ranks a website based on how many authoritative and relevant backlinks it has. That’s why backlinks are so powerful and valuable. Another advantage of obtaining high quality and relevant backlinks is that they boost page and website authority. More authority means higher positions in search engines. And more sites will be linking to an authoritative website.

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Benefits Of Link Building (Backlinks)

Google considers quality backlinks as a ranking factor. And it ranked websites based on the number, quality, and relevancy of these backlinks. Sites having more high quality and relevant backlinks always top the search results. Here are some of the potential benefits of implementing link building strategies.

Higher Ranking

One of the most prominent benefits of link building is higher ranking. As you may know, Google determines a website ranking based on how many backlinks it has. And then assign it appropriate slot in search results. So if a website has more backlinks than it’s competitors, then it will be displayed at the top. Simple is that backlinks will determine your website’s ranking in search results.


Backlinks are also very important to get higher page and domain authority. Authoritative sites always hold the top positions in Google. So by getting quality backlinks you can increase your website authority. And once your website gains much authority, your content will automatically start ranking at the higher positions.

Referral Traffic

Another big advantage of link building is that it allows you to get referral traffic from sites which are linking to your website. Visitors can come to your website by clicking the links. And in this way, your website traffic will be increased. Which will be a big plus for your business. Not only that, Google will also boost your website’s ranking.

Which Type Of Backlinks Are Helpful

According to Google’s new updates, only those backlinks will be considered which acquires from websites that have more or less similar content as yours. Relevant backlinks are more powerful and attain many benefits. Also getting backlinks from authoritative websites are very beneficial to improve your website’s ranking. So it’s easy to understand that backlinks from relevant websites can play a vital role in ranking. However, according to my observation backlinks from irrelevant websites are also counted but they have less impact. So you should try to get links from sites which have both authority and relevancy.

Link Building Strategies

So here are the best link building strategies that you can use to get an unlimited amount of backlinks from high DA PA websites.

Guest Posting

Guest posting is one of the best link building techniques. The hair you need to search for the blogs that allow guest posting on Google. You can use the following query in Google search (site: guest post or write for us”) to find out the blogs that accept guest posts. The process is very simple you need to write quality content for that website. And if it’s been approved by the admin then your content will be published and you will get a do to follow backlink for your blog.


another method of creating backlinks is to outreach to the blog on earth that are relevant to your niche. And ask them to give you a backlink. A quick tip here is to write quality content that is relevant to that blog. So the blog admin accepts your request. There are chances that most blog admins will not reply to your message, but in some cases, you will be successful to achieve your objective.

Broken Link Building

Another link building technique that proves to be working in 2019 is broken link building. In this method, you need to analyze some websites in your niche and find broken or dead links in them. And then contact the website admin and point out the broken links on their sites and offer your links which have similar content to replace those links. There are both chances that they will reply to your message or not. But if you have written quality content then they will be pleased to fix those broken links.

Blog Commenting

Google’s policy about blog commenting is not much clear and nobody knows that either blog commenting is helpful or not in 2019. But if you are not spamming and do it correctly then it can be helpful. Remember one thing that spamming is not allowed in any way. So you should do blog commenting wisely. Otherwise, Google will penalize your website for spamming. You can search for sites that are relevant to your niche and allow commenting. Usually, you will get no follow backlinks in this method.

Web 2.0

Another method of obtaining backlinks is via web 2.0. This process is based on creating different blogs or websites using different free blog and website creation platforms like Blogger, WordPress, Weebly, Wix and so on. And then linking it’s content to your primary blog or website. In this way, you can get backlinks to improve your website’s ranking.
Note: Use this method tactfully because it can work both ways positively pr negatively.

Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is also another link building or website promotion technique. There are many free tools available online which you can use to schedule and regularly publish your blog or website content on all social media platforms. These links will be no-follow backlinks. But you should avail this opportunity to promote your content.

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Bottom Line

Hopefully, this tutorial will answer all of your questions regarding what is off page SEO, what are backlinks and how do effective link building can improve your website’s ranking. If you still have some questions then please leave a comment below and I will be more than happy to answer those.

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